Can you see them? Letters are all round us. Play an I-Spy alphabet scavenger hunt game and capture it with a photo of letters found in nature and/or in architecture. When you train your eye to notice, the alphabet surrounds us almost everywhere.Then send them to us for a kids community summer display at the library. No need to send us all 26 letters but you might submit a few or a dozen if you like. Or maybe you can find all the letter in your name? Add this game to a summer walk and make it fun for the whole family. Photos will be on display in the library beginning August 1st.

Photo Rules: Each photograph submitted must include: 1. Name of photographer 2. Age 3. Title of photograph 4. Where the shot was taken (if it was in your backyard, include the name of the town nearest to your backyard) All entrants may submit as many photos as they would like though just a few will be chosen to be on display. We’ll see if we can get the whole alphabet! Electronic photos must be at least 650 px (and preferably larger) and email to All photos must be submitted by Friday, July 14, 2018.