Send us two of your best shots of the subject, architecture. This could be a building or part of building, lamp post, drain, playground, fence, or something completely different.  It could be made of concrete, metal,  plastic, cut wood or something else constructed by humans. Consider photographs of up-close details and abstract views. You might see an interesting pattern or note how light and shadow strikes a form. Use your unique artistic eye a send your photos to youthservices@estesvalleylibrary.orgFor kids ages 5-18. You may edit the photographs such as by color correcting, cropping or adjusting the exposure but you may not alter the image by removing items from the scene or changing the structure of the design of the subject. Each photograph submitted must include: 1.; Name of photographer; 2. Your age; 3. Title of photo graph; 4. Location of photo (rather than “my house” say Glenhaven, CO or the location of your house); 5. Answer: What would you like us to know about this photograph?; 6. Parent/guardian verification that the shot was taken by the child. All photos must be submitted by August 15, 2017