Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards 

Lunch & Learn Series September 2017 – January 2018

These five monthly lunch & learn roundtable discussions will focus on the Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards.  Roundtables are free to all nonprofit leaders in or serving the Estes Valley with a special emphasis on encouraging board member attendance. Board members need more than enthusiasm for a cause, passion for a mission, or good intentions. To be effective, they need to understand and perform all of their governing responsibilities. Thanks to a generous grant from the Village Thrift shop, every organization will receive the highly acclaimed BoardSource book and workbook “Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards.”  It is our belief that by participating in live discussions around this issue, nonprofit leaders will take away real-life examples of how to LIVE and model great board governance.

Note: Limited to 50 organizations and each organization must make a commitment to send at least one person to each session.

Program Details – All Lunch & Learn Roundtable Discussions are held on Thursdays from Noon – 1:30 pm in the Hondius Room at the Estes Valley Library.  Each roundtable discussion will be facilitated by leaders in the field – those with experience in that particular topic.

  • September 14 – Determining Mission and Purposes and Advocating for Them – AND – Building a Competent Board; Mike Demma, Demma Consulting
  • October 12 – Selecting the Chief Executive – AND – Supporting and Evaluating the Chief Executive; Paul Mueller, Mueller, Pye & Associates, CPA and Kevin Cory, Chief People Officer with Noble Inc
  • November 16 – Ensuring Effective Planning – AND – Monitoring and Strengthening Programs and Services; Melissa Westover, Estes Valley Restorative Justice
  • December 14 – Ensuring Adequate Financial Resources – AND – Protecting Assets
    and Providing Financial Oversight – TBD
  • January 11 – Ensuring Legal and Ethical Integrity – AND – Enhancing the Organization’s Public Standing ; Frank Lancaster, Town of Estes Park

Program Objectives & Outcomes

Objectives: to provide local training and discussion on the Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards to ensure that our community’s organizations have the resources, leadership, and oversight necessary to carry out their missions and other vital activities; build capacity for our community’s nonprofits; and, encourage networking, problem solving and resource building.  Specifically to train board members and other nonprofit leaders in the area of governance.

Outcomes: Improved knowledge of board roles and responsibilities and board governance issues resulting in increased nonprofit performance, effective stewardship of resources, increased sustainability, and a higher level of public trust.