In an increasingly competitive employment marketplace marked by full employment, underemployment and skills gaps, employers need all the tools they can find to identify, attract and keep superior talent.

If you’re not finding the right talent, you may not be looking at the right people. This series makes it easier to find, retain and develop the right employees with the right skills.

Participants in this workshop series will achieve these outcomes:

  • Job Posting – Learn how to replace the “same old, same old” language and requirements with postings that attract the best
  • Screening and Interviewing – Freshen your approach with techniques to ensure the best qualified candidates advance in your process
  • Selection and Onboarding – Once you’ve identified the most promising candidates, acclimate them to ensure their success and yours
  • Incumbent Training – To safeguard your invested time and money in hiring, invest in the growth of new people so they’ll stay with you

Presented cooperatively by Skillful Colorado and the Larimer County Workforce Center Business Services Team