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We Listened: Streamlined Program Guide is Here

We Listened: Streamlined Program Guide is Here

by Kurtis Kelly, Estes Valley Library Communications Specialist

Eighteen months ago, I re-joined the Library team to serve in a role I relish. As Communications Specialist, I work with the staff to publicize the tremendous array of services and programs that happen at the Library, and in turn to listen to your feedback on those services.

In any given week, there is never a shortage of information to share. Instead, the real challenge is: How do we deliver information about Library resources and events in ways that are most convenient and useful for you?

Last year’s Patron Satisfaction Survey, completed by nearly 800 residents, provided valuable insights into that question.

You told us, for instance, that you especially prefer receiving Library news through email. We listened, and we’re expanding email delivery shortly.

You told us that information in the newspaper and on our website is very helpful. We listened, and we’ll continue to keep you up-to-date through these avenues.

You told us that while our Program & Services Guide (printed each spring, summer and fall) was valuable, it would be more useful in a simpler  format. We listened, and we’re happy to announce a new streamlined Guide debuting in September.

Our Program & Services Guide has been re-imagined in a way that will make it much easier to browse and identify programs of most interest to you. It’s designed to save you time through its convenient bird’s-eye-view of three months worth of Library happenings. In each issue, the Table of Contents will be focused into several key areas, including: Books & Authors; Children & Family; Citizenship; Current Affairs; Makerspace; Tech; and Workshops.

We strive to be thoughtful, resourceful and responsible in how we allocate our marketing budget, focusing our energies in ways that are beneficial to you. That means two other changes with this new format.

One—by streamlining our content into these core areas, we can print fewer pages. This allows a transition from newsprint toward a concise stapled booklet, while remaining within our existing budget.

Two—based on your feedback, we’re shifting away from a mass mailing, and instead we’ll make the new Program & Services Guide available for pick-up at the Library and at sites around town and around the valley. This yields a major cost savings, while still keeping the guide readily available, maximizing resources and minimizing waste.

The Program & Services Guide, designed to help connect you with the vital information of what’s happening each season at the Library, is funded through the generosity of the Library Friends & Foundation.

The all-new issue in its all-new format is now available for pick-up at the Library. We welcome your feedback as we continue to align your information needs with convenient formats that serve you best.