Now through July 29, visit the library to pick up a reading log or game card, filled with special reading incentives. For all ages: adults, teens, and kids.

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Summertime, and the Reading is Easy

by Melanie Kozlowski, Youth and Family Services Librarian

Summer reading. Two words that go together in perfect bliss.

There are many reasons to love this season: sunshine, outdoor barbecues, farmers’ markets, road trips, camping, hiking. And once again, the Estes Valley Library is helping to put reading on that alluring list.

Build a Better WorldThis year, we’re again hosting Summer Reading Programs for all ages: adults, teens, kids, even toddlers listening to books being read. Reading in the summer is a great source of joy, but it’s also about much more.

For students on summer break, studies have proven that reading for pleasure is one of the best antidotes to a phenomenon called the “summer slide”. Students who don’t read during the summer find themselves playing catch-up for up to three months once school resumes. Summer reading, on the other hand, keeps learning skills sharp.

Moreover, studies have proven that library programs yield outstanding results. In one survey, 96% of students say they read more thanks to the library’s summer reading programs.

For adults, we tend to have happy memories of summertime reading, but all too often find ourselves saying, “I just don’t have the time.” But by scheduling time for reading, we can rediscover all the fulfillment this pastime brings to our lives. Reading for adults offers a path to lifelong learning, the satisfaction of curiosity, the stimulation of imagination.

The Library nurtures these goals all year long. And summer reading blends with fun and creative incentives.

Each year, Summer Reading Programs are built around a unifying theme, which is developed nationally, then adapted locally by libraries across America. This year’s theme is “Build a Better World”, a building and construction theme in the literal sense, and figuratively a call to make life better for ourselves and others.

Children will delight in Builder’s Club creativity times, Life-Sized Legos free-play, along with book clubs and great reading prizes. Teens will take part in Youth in Service events, enriching summer by helping others, while also having fun through a readers’ celebration at the Open Air Outdoor Adventure Park.

Every child and teen participant will have the opportunity to choose from quality new paperback books, as part of the Library’s efforts to place books in the home of every Estes Valley family. Studies show a direct link between books at home and students becoming better readers.

Adult participants will help do their part in “Building a Better World”. For each completed reading Game Card, the Library will donate books and supplies to its sister-city library in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

We thank the many sponsors of the 2017 Summer Reading Programs: the Estes Valley Library Friends & Foundation, Colorado Rapids Soccer, Elitch Gardens, and the Open Air Outdoor Adventure Park, among others.

Stop in the Library to pick up a reading log for yourself and for the whole family. And look for full details on all of this summer’s great programs, listed in the newest issue of our programs and services guide, “Gatherings”.

May you revel in reading delight this summer.