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Volunteering at the Estes Valley Library

Volunteers are valuable partners in the Library’s Mission to bring people, ideas and opportunities together for our community.  The library proudly hosts one of the most well-established and successful volunteer programs in the Estes Valley. Library volunteers contribute more than 8,000 hours of valuable service annually.  Working under the supervision of staff, volunteers can be found in all departments of the library. Some volunteers work in regular positions and others give their time to special programs or short-term projects.

Available volunteer postings are announced here. When filling out the application, please note the position applying for. If there are no current openings, applications will be kept on file for a year from the date of the application.  For more information e-mail: volunteer@estesvalleylibrary.org or call: 970 586 8116 x838.

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Library Volunteer Postings

At the current time, there are no new Library volunteer opportunities. Please check back later.

Volunteer for the Library Friends & Foundation

Volunteer Spotlight – Barbi Winter

All of our volunteers have such interesting stories and rich life histories. Barbi Winter is no exception. Barbi helps process inter-library loans and is also a Manager of the Day at Cliffhanger Used Books, the bookstore of the Library’s Friends & Foundation. She is a 3rd generation Denverite, born into a Jewish family with a rich heritage. Parts of her family have been in the country since the American Revolution.

Barbi moved to Estes in 2005 to be with her daughter Kendra and her family. She has another daughter who lives with her husband in Kansas. Since moving to Estes, Barbi has worked at a bank, at the elementary school, Estes Park Health and the Harmony Foundation. 

Travel has also been a big part of Barbi’s life. She speaks a little Spanish, French and Yiddish. She has visited most of the contiguous 48 states plus Hawaii and has made several visits to Western Europe. But perhaps her most notable trip was an 11-day adventure across Russia in a steam train, which she describes as a big eye-opener. 

In her spare time, she enjoys various types of needlework, and for the past 4 years has helped create costumes for the high school musicals as well as for the local Soggy Noodle Production Company. She also loves decorating cakes and, no surprise, reading. Barbi says: “Books have always been special to me. My great-grandmother owned a bookstore and constantly sent books to her grandchildren, inscribing them with a message as to why she thought each of those books were important. The ability to read whatever you want is one of the most important marks of a free society.” 

Barbi has been volunteering since she was 7 years old when her parents recruited her to work at an event. She says: “I love volunteering. It always gives me a sense of accomplishment when a project works or an event is a success. Volunteering is as much a part of my life as breathing.”  Thank you Barbi for all the ways you enrich the Library and our community.