Estes Grows Readers! Sign up to receive free picture books, mailed each week. For preschoolers entering Kindergarten this fall.

Bring delight to a child, while nurturing a daily habit of reading.

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Imagine the surprise and delight in store for a preschool child, discovering a package of 4 brand-new little children’s picture books, arriving to his or her home mailbox. The books are received at no cost—books for the preschooler to keep, treasure, and most importantly, read with family. Four more books are sent each week. Before long, that home library grows to 100 books.

Multiple studies have shown that having books inside the home is the single best indicator of the likelihood of a child becoming a lifelong reader and doing well in school. 100 books is the tipping point, the magic number to make the difference for families to develop a daily habit of reading. 

That is the concept behind a new project hosted through the Estes Valley Library. This home-delivery of books is for children who are planning to enter Kindergarten this fall. It’s called Estes Grows Readers, powered by the Unite for Literacy program, and registering is easy.

It takes only a minute to complete the sign-up form, which is in both English and Spanish. There is also a brief video about the program.

Books in the program are short, colorful, and appealing to young children.  Families may choose to receive all 100 picture books in English, or a combination of books in English and Spanish. 

The Library is celebrating the many benefits of early childhood literacy, including the reading-based cognitive development that prepares a child for a lifetime of success. These 100 little books could make the difference for a child in becoming a lifelong reader and successful learner at school. 

The Estes Grows Readers program is made possible through support provided by the Estes Valley Community Fund Committee and the Estes Park Education Foundation, and in partnership with Unite for Literacy. As a community, we’ll continue to work together, to Unite, in creating the next generation of readers and lifelong learners.