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staff_claudine2Charting a Course for the Future: Ten Valuable Minutes
by Claudine Perrault, Library Director


May we have ten minutes of your time?

At the Estes Valley Library, we regard community feedback as the single most important guide in how we plan for the future. It determines how we allocate our resources for years to come. It allows us to prioritize among multiple community needs with those limited resources.  In short, what we do on a daily basis should mirror what you have asked us to do.

Listening is our goal, 24/7. And at various times in our journey, there is an opportunity for cohesive listening, an opportunity for everyone to have a voice.

Beginning Thursday, June 15, we are asking all residents for ten minutes of their time in completing the Estes Valley Library Patron Satisfaction Survey. It’s your chance to help us chart the best course for the future. And, for one lucky participant chosen at random, it’s your chance to win a delightful library-themed gift basket with treats (chocolate, wine, coffee and beer!) donated by local businesses.

By way of perspective, this month’s survey is key in measuring how we’ve done since the 2012 Library Satisfaction Survey, which inspired our five-year plan now underway. This also builds upon our 2015 Library Technology Survey. Both survey documents, along with the 2015-2020 Comprehensive Plan are available on our website at estesvalleylibrary.org.

When it comes to surveys, sometimes the results confirm our instincts. Sometimes they surprise us, which is equally important in recalibrating plans and goals. Sometimes the results draw our attention to emerging concerns and trends. Always, results are an essential step in finding creative solutions to community needs.

The survey is formatted into key areas. First, we determine how important a particular service area is to you. Then, for those service areas you currently use, we ask your level of satisfaction. If it’s a service you don’t use, simply click “n/a”.

We also seek your feedback in how you prefer to receive communications about the library benefits, resources, programs, and activities. We want to make it easy for you to stay up-to-date on all our happenings.

The more survey responses we receive, the better. It’s tempting sometimes to think, “I’m OK with everything as it is.” Or, I don’t use the library much, so I’ll leave it to others to respond.” In either case, your voice is all the more important. It means we probably haven’t heard from you. Your stake in the future of the library – and our village – is vital to us.  We’re in this together and welcome your voice.

Look for the Library Satisfaction Survey from June 15 through June 30, accessible at evlibrarysurvey.org, or in paper format inside the Library. Your ten minutes will be time well spent.