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by Claudine Perrault, Director

Would you like to have the abundance of big-city library service, right at home in our quiet mountain village? Well then, have I got some good news for you:

The public library, all three school libraries, and Eagle Rock School, have merged our collections into one giant search-catalog for everyone. Library patrons of all ages can now choose from any of those one-million items to be delivered to their library location or reading device. That’s right. One million.

While this gives local students a learning and research foothold not possible before, and provides thrifty and nerdy efficiencies to all three organizations, the benefits are truly for everyone: all local library collections, in one glance, with just one search.

How does it work? Browse the Village Catalog at catalog.estesvalleylibrary.org. No matter where those physical or digital books, audio, movies or magazines call home, simply reserve them with your library card, and we’ll route things your way.

Anyone with a library card can pick up materials held at any of these locations, at either the downtown public library or at the Twig (mini-branch – when the Rec Center opens its base floor again). Students can also pick up materials at their school library if they choose. Estes Valley Library patrons can have school-library items sent to the library kiosk at the Rec Center (once re-opened), or downtown for either inside or curbside pickup.

Our Village Catalog also comes with another giant benefit: the convenience of searching both print and digital content in one place. Digital collections include hundreds of thousands of digital Books and Audiobooks, along with downloadable music, movies, TV shows, and comic books.

Thanks to this new system, now there are many smart-search features designed to save you time. Example: the “Did you mean?” feature takes the pressure off spelling. Forgot that ‘a’ in bestselling author’s name “Michaelides”? No problem — it’ll know what you mean!

The Village Catalog wouldn’t have been possible without dedicated partners at the Estes Park School District and Eagle Rock School. These organizations are working with us in the spirit of our guiding Mission: “To bring people, ideas and opportunities together for the enrichment of our community.”

Got questions? Give the Library a call because we’ve got answers. We’ll happily guide you through the new features. Because the Village Catalog comes with the best of both worlds: big-city convenience matched with friendly small-town assistance.

Yeah, Estes! Truly our commonwealth.