Local and Regional Trends

What local, regional and national Trends will affect the Estes Valley?

Ecological Movement – Better uses of resources and saving resources (recycling, saving energy, etc.)


Development & redevelopment

Wildlife management

Immigration laws

Development of winter economy

Inclusion of big business (WalMart, etc.)

Traffic issues

More retirees

Aging population

Increasing medical needs

Higher housing costs

Changing – more transportation needs

Increasing pollution

Skiers to snowshoers

Dillon to EP migration


Tech growth

Gas expensive/Rewp

Electronic/distance business increasing

Aging population

Real estate escalation


Fire recovery

Trends – 5 Big Trends – Estes Park

Cost of living in general

Baby boomers – aging population/retirees

More expensive housing in Estes Park

Fewer children in Estes Park?

Challenge of managing infrastructure

Demand on services by retirees

Gas & rare supply

Impersonalization of the world – computerize


Electronic & distance businesses

Funding for cultural – smaller pieces of pie

Water supply concerns – not enough


Government doesn’t always respond to citizens

Change in operation of Rocky Mountain National Park & Forest Service

Recovery from a large fire in our area

Increased population

Impersonalization of world

Computerization digitor

Funding for cultural facilities – drying up

Government & those in power not listening to the people

Graying of America

Changes in Park operation

National Forest Service operation

Use of public lands

What are changes/trends Elevated vs. Lowered


Immigrants to serve hotels, etc.


Water/land availability

Population that can afford local housing

Local wildlife

Air pollution

Bad traffic

Public lands


Children learning more than 1 language

Adult education

Mass Transportation (changes)

Vacationers – length of stay shorter

-age with income levels

Who will the workforce be?

Where are visitors coming from?

Fewer children

Aging demographic

More affluent retirees

Greater technology use

Fewer places for seasonal employees to live (more problems finding those employees)

More outside places for children to go

Merchants going out of business because of lack of employees

Summer jobs & volunteer jobs for local teens

More construction

Empty storefronts

Bigger homes that no one can afford

More children who need outside (of school) educational materials

Parents needing jobs w/benefits

Foreign families who need education resources

Teens who need jobs/volunteer places for summers/after school

Fewer children coming into school

Greater number retired & semi retired Aging demographic

Affluence of 2

Higher traffic

Far greater technology use

Employees – lack of housing decrease continues worse

Transportation changes i.e. cost of fuel

Length of stay in Estes

Age of visitors? Older as opposed to families or college age kids, young families

Where are visitors coming from?

Front Range

Out of State

Out of Country

Work force? Retirees

Foreign Students

Back to College kids

Hispanic population

Young families

Merchants continuing to struggle – economy affected by gas prices. Housing market.

Greater reliance on technology

Fuel costs/availability

Available land to build filled up

Leisure time demands for more educational/extreme experiences

Increasing pressure/conflict between natural resources and people

Town seeking upscale growth & marketing

Estes Park residents want small town atmosphere

Merchants want another Aspen & Breckenridge

Building increase

Part time residents/second home owners

More winter tourism – snowshoeing & cross country skiing increasing in popularity

More retirees

Surviving businesses will be more upscale

Leisure time demands for more educational/extreme sports activities

Library –school/public library – share facilities & staff

People with a lot of money or spending all they make may make a demand for more upscale stores & businesses. (up-scale expectations)

Demand better services & welcome & personal treatment

Year round demand – better stores & restaurants

Tourists may stay in one place longer

Available land will eventually be used up. Rebuilding on those sites will be bigger & better.

More upscale business

Longer tourist stays in 1 place

Greater awareness of how much disposable income is available

Closer scrutiny of how it is used.

Money to spend

Ecological movement – electricity


Diversity culture

Family size

Age of resident population

Upscale businesses service

Combination school/public library

Computer usage (increased)

Education (mini classes)

Graying of America/Estes Park

Larger divide between “haves” & “have-nots”

More recreation time – leisure time

Growth electronic age/digital divide between young & other population

Immigration – Hispanic America

Globalization – smaller world

Future – anticipate what’s coming

Future – create – new

Present – what you want

Past – what is traditional?

Future – what is coming – culture, community, world, tech, population, demographics

What is the big picture?

What is the better future for Estes Park?

Project future trends

Peak oil/gasoline

More retirees

“ Asians

“ Hispanics

Technology changes – e – book, smart paper

More remote learning

Climate changes

Cost of living

Young families leaving

Increase in population

Gap – haves & have-nots

More demand for upscale infrastructure

Shift of attention from I -70 to corridor

Updated material

More population

We’ll need a bigger place

We’ll need more people to help in the library

Aging population

Greater diversity in population

More technology

Global warming


Third world “pockets” in U.S. (growth)

Less human contact

Greater sense of alienation

Updated material

More people – more service people

More library space/bigger

Less gift shop tourism & more park visits

More retirees/summer residents

More Hispanic residents

More kids headed to college

More Asian residents

Climate change

Peak oil

More distance learning

Technology – e-books

Smart paper books

Young families leaving /cost of housing

Less gift-shop tourism

More park (RMNP) visits

More retirees

More summer residents

More Hispanics

Hopefully, more kids headed to college

Better high-speed internet

Large percentage of retirees vs. younger people

Increasing cost of housing – limited area for expanded building

Lack of diversity, ethnic, economic

High cost of living due to transportation of goods

Seasonal economy

Wildlife mgt – town/Nat Park Interface

Water resources


Environmental issues

Tourism growth-meeting the needs.

Globalization vs. local

Increased need for public transportation

Estes Valley government decision making vs. only Estes Park

Need for educational excellence

Public schools

Continuing education available for adults

Need to plan for growth

Type of community we want


Changing demographic

Cost of living increasing

Shift of attention from I-70 to Estes Park

Water management

Winter economic


Lack of diversity – ethnic & economic

Seasonal economy



Wildlife management

RMNP interaction

Self-determinism – what type of tourists do we want to attract to town?

Inclusion of big business


Transportation & traffic

Educational demands

Changing demographic, aging population

Higher cost of living. Homes too expensive for young families

Shift of attention from I-70 corridor to here

Water management

Winter economic development

Increasing Hispanic population

Changing legislature

Genealogy is THE leading hobby in the U.S.

It teaches us all to more appreciate our freedom, our constitution & our republic.

The Estes Park Genealogical Society owns a collection here at the library which has the ability to grow more & more books, periodicals & atlases & manuscripts over the next decade. At least, thereby alleviating travel to Greeley, 50 mi, Denver 70 mi and Cheyenne 100 mi. We of the Society know that our collection is a GREAT asset to this community.

1 Billion dollars a year is spent on genealogy.

More service people

Lower economic population

More traffic

More travel

Older population (baby boomers)

Environmental sensitivity

Smaller cars

Big weddings

Family reunions

Cell phones, iPods etc.

Changing population: Spanish-speaking newcomers need to learn English.

Aging population has specific needs; more retired people coming to Estes Park

Needs will change w/advanced age, and some will move away to be cared for elsewhere.

Possible fuel shortages and/or increased prices may cause some not to come, or to leave Estes Park.

Needs of youngsters must be kept in mind. As technology advances, they may need different resources for school & entertainment.

Haves vs. have-nots

Materials to support hobbies, ie. genealogy

Increased medical needs of aging / expanding population

Electronic/digital info

Needs of immigrants to assimilate

Changing transportation needs


Increased population

Technological growth & breakdown of communication

Increased population & higher percentage of the population will be retirees

Universal wideband internet service to all homes

With library holdings on line (digitized), in addition to the physical holdings

Digitize the library holdings

Better cell phone service

Trends – Friday


Change in society

Reducing bureaucracy in government

Cultural awareness

Technology scientific industrial consumer


Global warming – pollution, fire danger, elk further down

2nd homes & large

Healthier longer – hiking, golf, swimming

Rescue squads

Immigration control

Energy costs?

Auto travel?

Terrorist activities

Environment pollution

Family crises

World famine


Government reorganization = local, national, regional

Population explosion – growth

Basic educational system overhaul – restructure

Health problems


School attendance/enrollment?

Electronic/communications center

No young people (?)

Presumptuous – future???

What do we read? TV? Internet?






Better future

Future – anticipate what is coming

Future – create way

Present – what you want User driven

Past – what you love traditional

Better future for EP.

Trends in community

Growth – growth – growth change in environment

Ammenities – WATER, energy, costs of water, garbage, energy, etc.

City services for public

Access to & from Estes Park containing services

Declining school environment

Declining school enrollment

Multi cultural & generational issues

Technological explosion

Availability for families

Global warming

Available expertise



Health, aging

School reorganization

Population explosion



Family crisis-changing formats in families


Government re-organization

Baby boomers retiring – health

Awareness of pollution/transportation

Need for education past high school




Knowledge of other cultures

Distribution of wealth

Aging populations/health care issues

Rising home prices/growth

Boomer retirements – aging population

Immigration & health care crises

Environmental (climate change)

Human impact

Energy/water issues

Employment needs? income imbalance

Class disparities


technology/communication revolution


environmental growth/incentives/progressions

Energy credits – solar, etc.

Real recycling options

Impact on Rocky Mountain National Park

Population growth

Affordable housing (service industry)

Traffic patterns/flow (i.e. Elkhorn)


Public transportation – Boulder, Denver International Airport, etc.

Health Care

Choices/competition for consumers

Grocery, restaurants, etc.

Recreation/Health care incentives/proactive

Bike paths

Global Energy/ vs. isolationist

Cultural awareness/diversity

2% -20 Income distribution

Naples housing

growth – population

computerization – how people get info

no newspapers

better mass transit

ethnic diversification



housing market prices/cost of living

# families young/retirees


Internet & etc – books downloaded – audio – less printed material

School district – paring down work force is parents at Good Samaritan

Spanish in schools – library needs

Multi-languages – need books Ethnic Diversification

Parenting needs, etc. – what are needs of

Better environmental

Mass transit with gas prices

Programs to meet parents working needs (evening story-time)

More books bilingual

For all the kids who are going to start learning Spanish through school next year.

Programs in the evening for the parents the work in the morning

Continue to develop & build housing

Possible Aspen/Vail Community with no homes for low income

No homes for workers to live.

More “green” building

Less “families” staying in town

Global warming

Increase in the diversity of the US & region & Estes Park

Changes in the political scene

Global economy

Increase in numbers of older folks – more retirees

Health care issues

More demands on leadership

More and more electronic community

Increased need for sorting out information for the valid parts

Possible increased isolation

Greater need to have conversations about the things people really care about

Housing – price growing need for attainable housing

More lower class families

Energy costs

Hard to find employees

Money for schools

The whole & diverse community to work for the common good through greater communication — all differences


Environmental contamination

Crime increase

Food costs


Pollution in the park

Overbuilding of condos

Elk population

Lack of natural gas


Fire danger

Growing retirement population and the related need for attainable housing to serve the needs of the growing community.

I would like to see a method in place (whole and diverse) that would better enable the community to work together for the common good.

Computer isolation

Housing market & economy

More retirees/less middle class families

Gas prices

Problem with finding employees

Money to support schools/dwindling students

Fire danger worsening – drought

Pollution in the Park and town

Condos & other over-building

Elk population

Natural gas for home heating being rationed or even gone

Organic food may be harder to come by – E.P. dependence on the Valley for this & farms without wells.

Global warming


Mass transportation


Energy costs

Health care costs


Food costs

Environmental contamination

Pop explosion altered animal behavior


Global warming-increased fire danger

Less open space – threat to quality of life

Increased cost of living

Increased senior population

Increased dic entre high & low economic status

Higher expect for quality services with better responsiveness

More 2nd homes & larger

Healthy longer – increase in recreation needs

More rescue squads

Declining school enroll

Decreased young population

Scarcity of affordable housing

Increased visitation

“ upscale resort

“ expertise

Water supply taxed

Multi-cultural issues

Increased pedestrian malls – closing sts.

Terror threat

Increasing senior population

More division between upper & lower socio-economic status

Higher cost of living

Greater expectation for quality services with better responsiveness

Increasing population

Global warming – fire danger

Pressure for service for seniors at expense of young people

Becoming a retirement community

Too many condos


Using up natural resources

Destruction of animal habitat

Hispanic immigration




Education – cost

Government services – Social Security


Medical costs & availability

Housing, growth, 2 tiers of society

What types of people fill summer work needs?

How supplies (and cost) are delivered to Estes

Increasing 2 languages in schools

Types of employment

Master List

Increase of cultural diversity, immigration

Demand for a more multicultural approach

Becoming a retiree community

Availability of expertise

Loss of animal habitat

Loss of natural resources

2 tier society – 2 job approach

Medical services

Changing nature of social security

Polarization of political ideas

Hispanic: et al population prevalence

Work force housing

Environmental conditions worsen

Commercial establishment to matching “tastes” of tourists we draw

Polarization of political views – local, national

Pressure on wilderness/park

Diminishing young families – housing too expensive

Too many condos for elder couples which might curtail “neighborhood” feelings

With even more emphasis on “enticing” visitors, will have held traditional businesses suffer as owners retire

Dire property taxes too high proportionately

Increased pressures for services for seniors –less for

Increasing number of retirees/elderly

Housing increasingly too costly for working families

Declining school enrollment

Increased proportion of working families who are Hispanic – possibly non-English speaking

Disengagement in civic affairs

Increased pressure for services for seniors at expense of services for young families

Growing volunteer training

Global warming

Limited housing for employed folk – condos exploding

Expansion of services – medical, educational, foods, etc.

Rising prices, inflation speeding up

Growing volunteer training

Leadership training for all conditions

Central pedestrian area developments

Entrance enhancement (for town)

Diminishing young families and neighbor spirit

Proportional (to other towns) properties

Increasing no. of retired/elderly – baby boomers

More increased prepare for senior retirees – less for young family

Disengagement civil affairs

Global warming

Water fights – continuing

Breakdown of families


Gas prices/supply

Drug use

Expansion into national forests/parks

Musical influence

Traffic congestion

Curb appeal (flowers, trees, fountains…)

Gas prices

Tourists – amount of tourism


Drug use

Popularity of town, vacation spot & as a place to live, buildling new houses

School improvement or change (people in charge)

Increasing pollution of skies

Influx of Hispanic and other folk – increasing

Corporate takeover at some level – WalMart talk

Holiday Inn – Trendz/newspaper

Older folk increasing in numbers

Needs are different

Pressure on Park – population explosion

Pressure on wildlife – population explosion


Gas prices / supply

Drug problem


Public buses

Curb appeal – beyond downtown

Animal life


Business turnover

Drought or fire

Transient people

Median age

Small business problems

Supporting needs of younger people

Pop etc machines/something beneficial

Elk – relocate to areas that need or can sustain them

Disasters – weather/many other kinds possible/earthquake, pollution, bombing, water Poison, fire, drought

Population growth/decline schools

Bringing community together


Business turnover

Drought/fire Rocky Mountain National Park

Rising gas prices

Transient community


Median age/income of fulltime residents

Small business – taxes, support

Increasing pollution

Influx of different nationalities of people

Corporate takeovers

Elderly people increase & needs

Traffic pressures/community transportation

Population explosions

Gas prices/supply of gas

Drug use/delinquency

Expansion into RMNP

Curb appeal

Tourism changing

Housing market – second homes vs fulltime residents

Pop machines/convenience

Elk population (relocation)

Natural disasters: pollution, floods, terrorism

School enrollment

Community involvement cooperation

Small business – support

Transient community

Support young community

Technology trends – digital, divide Instant communication

Decentralization/or info anywhere

Specialization of interest

Increased older population

Need for connectivity for foslep community

Compression of time

High tech industry

More public transportation

Center for arts – coordinating with

a. hometown activities

b. tourists needs

Chamber of Commerce – community leaders develop “packages” to invite more people to spend a week or weekend in the community

Keep small town atmosphere in building

Development – “bigger is not better”


Increasing senior services

Energy – transportation, esp.

Computers – technology – disperse knowledge – push to specialization




Interest in Rocky Mountain National Park

Increased age of population


Aging of population

Decrease in retirement (older workers)

Population growth

Increased use of library

Government bureaucracy

Increasing land values

Decreasing middle & lower class population

Increasing commuter driven workforce

Decreasing family population – less kids in school system

Decreasing low income housing availability

Decreasing construction workforce as land is used up

Economic development other than service, i.e. tech trends

Increasing senior population – good & bad

push the computer industry in town – decrease the “digital divide” between haves and have-nots.

Specialization of interests

Decreasing needs for connectivity of internet

Increasing land values

Gas prices

Larger corporations coming in

T in Hispanic community

Transient community

More seniors


Demands on local government

Travel packages for tourists amongst businesses

Response to natural disasters

Loss of affordable housing

Families leaving

Increasing pollution

Greener living

Special districts

Due to economy, more local – regional – hit lodging instead of global travel

More here! Not traveling far – Front Range – gas prices

Need more low income housing/programs/Mexican immersion

Workforce housing – support – subsidies – require builders


More young families – Hispanic

Baby boomers

2nd homes

services – recreation center for active adults,

grandchildren, young families

Youth Services (personal)

Deal with small town problems (as in anyplace)


Local Government (can’t pay) without taxes

Special districts – why so many – combine


Fewer jobs / outsourcing

Greener living

More active role in community

What are the big trends impacting Estes Park

Increasing cost of housing making it harder and harder for low and middle income workers to find affordable housing

Increasing costs of fuel – inflation of food prices

Limitations on travel – affordable energy needs

Interest in immigration reform – where will it lead – literacy programs-ESL

Interest in improving education

Job Fair

Continuing Education

Hispanic integration

Increasing computer & internet presence

Increasing Hispanic population

Fewer jobs as outsourcing & technology replace jobs

More regional visitors instead of countrywide/international as fuel/energy prices increase. Travel/lodging

Greener living, better environment. Choices

Increase in population growth of retired people

Low income population decrease-unable to afford to live here

Problems local government paying for all of the services public wants

Increase in senior population = less school age children

Concerns with so many special districts (cost) – combine them

library. 2nd sanitation dist., recreation, hospital, town, county

Housing – mid/income

Rising prices – inflation

Global warming

Water supplies

Increase in senior services and less for younger

Transportation – need for mass transportation

Declining school enrollment

Changing family

Population explosion

Available expertise

Affordability for families

Higher expectations for services

Multicultural & generational community issues

Technical explosion

Pedestrian centers

Environmental pollution


Increasing land values

Gas prices

Transient community

Senior community growing

Demands on local governmental services

Response to natural disasters

Decreasing family populations

Greener living

Support for younger population

Cost of transportation

Educational & sports activities

Younger families leaving

Shift of attention from I 70

More demand for upscale infrastructure

Increase in population

Increasing gap – have & have-nots

Expansion of medical facilities

Retirement population

Technology – growth

Needs of immigrants

Cost of living

Cost/supply of gasoline

Need for good civic management

Remote learning

Communication – personal treatment

Sense of alienation

Trend-needs of immigrants-global environment

Trends- increased population> need for affordable housing and good environment for non-retirement community


Evidence of Success

If we were to look 10 years into the future, what evidence would show that the Estes Valley was a better place to live?

Growing youthful population

Performing arts center

Reduced pollution

Adequate, affordable housing

Annual elk hunt

Old town vehicles below dump out of sight

Comprehensive public transportation

Close Elkhorn to cars! Ride through town and to Park and surrounding area conveniently and economically on small environmentally comfortable electric or propane buses. Buses every 8 minutes

Heal their people- “community recreation facility” including pool, gym, recreation rooms- modern up-scales

Environmentally friendly community-comprehensive recycling plan facility

Fewer elk in town eating vegetation

People attending theater and cultural events or modern theater: Cultural Arts Center

More bike paths connected

Cleaned up Moraine Ave.–entrance road to Park–get rid of used car lot and old restaurants

Lot between Safeway and Stanley Hotel a solar farm

Every downtown building has solar collectors

Commercial signage off by 10:00 PM

All outdoor lighting on motion detection

National Park access by shuttle (except Trail Ridge Road)

Aerial Tram from Stanley Park to Prospect Mountain to Park entrance

No Wal-Mart (car lot)

More affordable housing mixed into neighborhoods

More children walking to school/wellness

More retired people reading to children

More people taking Spanish lessons

More prophetic voices speaking from the Interfaith Council

More friendships among racial groups

Fewer black top areas

More computer literate seniors

Better educated population

Less racism

More young adults

More year round residents

More book readers

More high school kids going to college

Less political anger

Solar farm between Safeway and Stanley Hotel

Every downtown building having solar collectors

National Park access by shuttle exclusively, except through traffic by Trail Ridge Road

Quality education – a higher community priority

A better educated populace

Less political anger and loud “patriotism”

Less racism

More readers

More high school kids going to college

More young people (young adults)

More year-round residents


Fewer cars downtown

More trees and open spaces

More people walking/ using other than automobiles

More visitors in colder seasons

More and varied recreation venues

More citizen empowerment

You can see the stars

Less noise in ten years

Substandard housing at a minimum

Estes would still be a family destination with affordable entertainment and lodging. Population would have stayed fairly stagnant.

Schools would be operating at about the same capacity

Estes Park would be like it is today but without the crabby people-this about covers it

Been here since 1964, so it’s already too late to make it what I would envision. It’s changed beyond what I ever imagined so can’t imagine it in 10 years. Is it possible to go back?

What would I see 10 years from now in Estes Park if was a better place to hear, behaviors of people, natural environment, physical evidence.

People would always look each other in eye on street

All cars electric and quiet

No traffic jams-no smelly pollution-no loud vehicles-less noise

Fewer cars downtown

50% of people ride bikes or walk on extensive paths

No fire recovery needed-forests beautiful and strong

Hear no complaining

See more books in the Library

People will be excited to cooperate and be friendly

A return of some of “old time Estes Park” flavor

See the stars

Increase people using alternative transportation, etc.

Increase and varied recreation venues

Substandard housing at a minimum

People are empowered here

Fewer exposed power lines

Alternative forms of power

Families will be encouraged and keep children here

Diverse and tolerant community

Better future

All residential areas would have sidewalks and garages-actual neighborhoods

All open space would remain and actually increase

Speed limits would increase as the roads have been widened Hwy 34-Hwy 36-Hwy 7 coming into town would be 45

All boards-town, hospital, museum, library, etc. would actually listen to input and act upon it

Local shopping encouraged so folks don’t run to the Valley

Trail system linking Estes Park to RMNP, Lily Lake

Not much vehicle noise or pollution-lots of bikes, walkers, hybrid vehicles

Downtown converted to “walking downtown”-no cars allowed

New development ceased-redevelopment taking place

Winter draw for tourist in place-snowboarding, skiing, convention center with winter activities (as a result, merchants winning year round, less turnover in population)

All of our homes that are worth 300,000 now will be worth 3,000,000!

Excellent educational opportunities for kids-a community that draws excellent teaching staff

Thinning of elk herds-fewer seasonal traffic problems

Leads to fewer bear and mountain lions coming into near town residential neighborhoods

Police off of Segways on streets and sidewalks

More awareness by tourists of eating behavior-i.e.: throwing gum on sidewalks, expectations of stores amenable to food

More grocery stores, large and Mom and Pop

More less expensive housing for summer employees

Continuing with stores open at night (too many tourist towns “close up” at 5:00). In business many visitors are very positive about later hours.

More trees in town

Better parking for visitors to keep them off the streets- without bulldozing a mountain

Better mass transit

Better playgrounds

A place for teenagers to meet/have fun

More walking/hiking trails away from houses: to Lily Lake and RMNP

More places for pet owners to deposit their pets’ dropping-visitors and those who live here

A place for kids of all ages to meet, play and learn from each other-especially about different cultures and languages

Shops where locals are happy to purchase most of their daily needs-including clothing-rather than only tourist shops

No Starbucks

Natural food market/2nd large grocery store/competition in grocery stores

More interactive Parks: tables, playgrounds, fire pits

Indoor/ outdoor pool

Full store fronts- no empties

More redevelopment

Some actual “neighborhoods” sidewalks and some lights

More families together often

Removal of speed traps

Winter excitement for tourists, outdoor and indoor activities so local businesses can survive year round

All boards actually listening to locals, working together, definite term limits and accountability

Thinning of Elk herds

Police not on Segways-walking the beat

New train station-trains from large cities to here-less traffic- shuttles from trains to hotels

Full store fronts, crowded sidewalks with happy tourists. In people’s homes-at least one parent at home with the children: better incomes for employees (one income families and health benefits)

Indoor /outdoor pool for locals and visitors to go to

Natural food market that was busy and had to always restock their shelves

Locals riding/walking on paths and shopping in their town, not going the Valley to shop

Parks in town with flower gardens, playgrounds for children and places for days to play

Less home construction and more occupied homes


Winter recreational facilities- XC ski, ice climbing

Better summer facilities- bike lanes, sidewalk, transportation

Uniform residential development ie: nicer homes next to run down rentals no longer a problem

Better traffic planning- not traffic jams on Elkhorn, maybe no cars on Elkhorn? easy flow of traffic from Front Range to RMNP

No obtrusive development, ie: Devil’s Gulch Condos.

Well kept buildings in town, freshly painted

Wide variety of shopping….not just candy, jewelry and t-shirts

Top notch educational facilities and staff

Young people grow up here and stay here

See, hear, observe

Well cared for houses surrounded by native landscapes (no blue grass lawns and water demanding landscapes)

People enjoying being out and about in town in the evening (good restaurants and safe streets)

Outlying parking with shopping district pedestrian-friendly

Economic and cultural diversity-one unified community

Open spaces throughout community-evidence of planned growth

Public transportation to Boulder, Denver, Loveland, Ft. Collins and East

Decreased dependence on automobile

More bike paths and walk ways

Green buildings

Use of alternative energy-wind, solar, recycle containers throughout town

Economic and cultural diversity that forms a unified community

Planned community with open space and development, etc

Public transportation that’s timely and cheap

Bike paths and walkways- less autos

Alternative energy usage

Native landscaping not water guzzling non-natives

Buildings well kept and maintained/ paint, etc.

Variety of shops, not just candy shops, t-shirts, trinkets

Closed Elkhorn-pedestrian traffic only like Pearl Street

Ice climbing park-like Ouray, CO

Fountain and downtown playground-kid/ family friendly

People respecting the personal space of wildlife

Increased bikes with cycling lanes

Fewer “sale” and “clearance” signs- shop owners getting what they need to stay in business

No trash

Year-round upkeep of lawns and parks

Shops and restaurants open year round

Day-to-day interaction of ethnic groups

Historical markers/plaques on pedestrian walk

More uniformity in business frontages

More high-rise buildings

Quieter-more walking and removed parking

Less cozy-bigger business areas, more defined shopping areas and malls

Streets with no auto traffic allowed

Social services available for all who need them

Everyone would communicate on a regular basis with his/ her neighbors

We would be more “green”

We would have regular transportation (not just a little in the summer)

Recycling center takes all recyclables

See elk and deer in town and hear wolves howl at night

Open space preserved in and around town

Sky is clear and stars at night are bright-ambient lighting controlled

Elk are no longer downtown or in dense neighborhoods

Traffic is absent from downtown

Auto travel is limited to Trail Ridge Road

Shuttle bus service to Bear Lake and Glacier Gorge

See: Sensory specific detail in terms of National environment

See pets not running lose

Supervision of pets when outdoors

Community recreational center: activities, childcare, workshops

Public civility

Hear quieter motorcycles

Behavior change? People more aware of wildlife behaviors: less activities which aggravate the animals to cause aggressive behavior

-less injuries

-less pets killed

Sensory Specific Details: 10 years from 2007

1. The Library was expanded again and we have an ever growing Genealogy Dept filled with people (seniors and students, etc.) doing research

2. Families, couples, individuals smiling and having a good time on their vacation because they are enjoying the food , lodging and feeling welcome by the courteous people in town.

3. More public exportation in addition to the taxi’s and special transit.

4. A more improved intersection on Moraine Avenue near the Donut Haus.

5. Natural Environment-People more aware of wildlife behavior so the two better co-exist with less injury to wildlife.

6. More winter activities

7. All motorcycles have mufflers.

8. Emergency helicopters- full time availability.

9. Hwy 36 and 34 with no dead trees.

Elkhorn closed to all traffic

Only electric carts in town public transportation

Quieter-no gas engines- Harleys, etc. No trucks

A great circle 4 lane highway

Activities for all ages of kids so parents can shop

Small fees-so people appreciate what is being provided

Wading pools along river

A tubing area along river

Street performers

Musicians- quiet areas and noisy areas

On going workshops-genealogy, crafts, fly fishing

The Library in 10 years has another story added and the elevator now goes to the third floor. People have tired of TV and the liberal media. They are engrossed in reading again and the genealogical collection has grown and grown. The pollution from car exhausts has killed a complete line of trees both on 34 and 36. That browning began in 2007 and those trees near the highway are dead and gone. There are just too many people in the summer here. Now many come up for the day by a new rapid transit system. There are buses and trolleys everywhere to handle those who came by rapid transit. The fumes from the buses are overwhelming us all.

Substandard neighborhoods of shabby homes have been replaced with safe, tidy dwellings that their occupants can afford to own. Vandalism in these areas is reduced as families take pride in home ownership for the first time.

The network of hiking/biking trails is complete, and many people enjoy using them regularly.

The town has ended its relentless development phase (paving everywhere), and the natural environment is being restored.

Public transportation with clean quiet buses. No cars downtown. Workshops aimed at various ages and interest groups so there is something for all visitors to do. Would also provide work for locals, who would lead the workshops. Community recreation center would host varied activities. A third floor added to the library, with elevator access. Improved housing for low income population. Fewer elk in town, so improved vegetation. Comprehensive recycling.

Walkers, bikers, people outside and active participation in community activities

Thriving churches, civic groups

Increased participation in government – voting, boards, League of Women Voters

Decreased dropout rate, students all graduating

No litter on streets or in Park

Smiles, respectful talk, actions > other focus

Obedience to laws of community

Specific in 16 years

Appearance-more mixed income housing-more xeriscaping, and landscape open areas behind Safeway


Actions of people- less littering, more involvement of citizens in city

Extend bike trails

Literacy program at library

Youth oriented

Playground-Hispanic and non-Hispanic children playing together with no language barriers. Hispanic adults working at higher level jobs because of fluent English

A city bus driving down to the Valley full of men and women commuting on public transportation who have higher paying “valley jobs”

Children in after school classes, workshops and activities, not bored with “small town living”

Droves of snowshoers headed into Rocky Mountain National Park in the winter, making Estes Park one of the top winter town destinations and keeping local businesses open year round.

Not very many “For Sale “signs on residences because people want to stay here, and the housing market is strong

Solar panels and wind power devices on many of the roofs and recycle pick up trucks diving along the streets.

A large performing arts complex and all the talent and culture in our town that having one draws in.

No evidence of mountain lions anywhere

Increase in shuttles, parking, public transportation.

Middle and low income housing integrated into higher income homes.

Computers connection directly into the library and other community areas.

Stanley Park Fairgrounds-Performing Arts Center, ice skating, tennis, indoor track.

Local year-round public transportation.

Low to middle housing

School district winning National Awards

Walking trails connecting to entire town

Pavilion at Stanley Park

Hands on learning at library

Live music from Stanley Park amphitheater

Kids-seniors meeting at town recreation centers for meetings and clubs

Things at the Park for older youth

People living in Estes year round

More local business – support-less t-shirt shops.

Co-operative program with school district with home-schoolers and public school

Senior-led programs for kids

More community involvement, less government

Xeriscaping in yards

Regional parking lots on down outskirts with shuttle buses taking residents to downtown shopping

Interspersed throughout the neighborhoods, middle income housing-diversified sub communities

Within homes, through computer connection to library and school resources-courses, books

Complete recycling in all homes-street side recycling

Stanley Park Fairgrounds, theater, ice skating, tennis, inside track, year round activities (kid oriented)

Public transportation year round

New neighborhoods with housing for our teachers, police, hospital staff

School district which is winning national awards

More familiar?


Year round living

Transit, not only visitors

-kids from library to recreation center to park

-walking trails/bikes (alternate transportation)

solve traffic/less traffic

-local business support-don’t have to go to Valley

-cooperative programs with school/individual (college)


-senior involvement with kids-learn from



Kid involvement with senior-help

-programs in community –if we help them, they might vote for us

-Community involvement-not wait for vote,

-do it for your self

-work together

Pedestrian walking trails with beautiful red rock trails

The tasty burgers grilling while inviting tourists to barbeque

Families meeting at park pavilion and local families meet for get- togethers at park to enjoy the Estes outdoors

Children playing in green space at Stanley Park

Hands on learning at Library discovery area

Lively music filling the air from amphitheater at Stanley Park

Young and seniors meeting at recreation center for clubs and meetings

Outdoor tennis courts

The sounds of laughter coming from middle-schoolers engaging in a game of basketball and tennis

Continuing education facility

Increased school enrollment with quality/like no other education

Integrated youth and senior center

Recreation, town and coop

Winter tourism activities

Boys and girls club

1.  Sit and watch the stars and planets

2.  Birds could be heard all day

3.  Average working person could have less worries, better education, better jobs

4. Visitor and locals could be downtown and have less commotion

5.  Diversity in community and closeness

6.  Family community

7.  Friends walking downtown for a very diverse small business population

8.  No road kill

9.  Stable school environment/quality

Dream creating a scene

1.  I could take you outside after sundown and we could sit on our deck and watch a myriad of stars and planets

2.  You as a visitor, and me could sit outside downtown and hear one another it would be so quiet

3.  I could take you to a meeting where I had learned to meet newcomers of a different ethnic/or age and we would get to know them

4.  I would encourage my friends to join me in a walk downtown to see how small businesses thrived here with diversity in every window

5.  Older citizens, like me, could find the way to go but with others by using free senior services with appropriate ramps, etc.

I live where you can hear the birds

I would have a job that would allow me to live here

I would be able to own a home and live without money concerns

Curb appeal-Brownsville, NE

When I walk out my door at night I can see the major constellations on most nights

I see my grandson and his wife planning a home in Estes Park to raise their family here

I have a flat tire on my car and a stranger stops to help me

Hear the birds instead of the machinery

Diverse age groups doing things together

You could see trees on every block surrounded by flowers or fountains

You could connect the stars at night

Birds could be heard over machinery

Gas prices are reasonable

Acceptance of various racial groups, mixed race cliques

Many small specific shops specialized

Small businesses making lots of money

Road kill is absent from all of the roads

No drug use

Tourist and local integration

Families together, walking dogs, enjoying each other

Hear the birds all day, wildlife

Flowers, trees, parks everywhere being enjoyed

Enjoyable schools with good teachers and stable principles, rules, schedules

Seeing stars

People helping each other out-opposing businesses working together and big town support groups

People sitting or walking peacefully, enjoying where they live, appreciation

RMNP use, more locals enjoying it

Support for younger/older groups-everyone helping each other out

Estes Park Public Library helping out schools, making it interesting

Able to learn and enjoy and work effectively

A place that an average working person can live, support a family, and enjoy themselves happily living here, not worried or on edge

Everyone who can afford it will have a personal digital device that they can carry

Those devices will provide connections to their digital media (memories and knowledge) that they share

More people working from home offices looking at community organizations to interact outside the home connecting with people

Older people doing (living) younger, longer

Non-profit and co-ops thrive serving the community and their members.

Preserve green open spaces

Residents/guests preserve and respect local ecology (including other people)

Develop sustainable lifestyles

More buses through town with parking lots on the perimeter

RTD stops to Boulder and Loveland

More encouragement from Light and Power and water for energy conservation. Therefore more solar panels on houses and less water sprinkling around town

Recreation center similar to Loveland’s that combines with the senior center

Center-turn lanes on all state highways through the whole valley

Pedestrian walks along the main roads through the whole valley

Saving/preserving green spaces

More communicating between neighbors

Sustainable lifestyles

Senior health and environmental organizing

More eye catching businesses

Buildings that are more efficient and modern – maintaining a small town feel

Everyone carrying a personal digital device

More people connecting with people in community organizations

Non-profits thriving and serving the community

More people shop in Estes rather than go to valley because prices aren’t higher

People can support themselves with one job

More families can afford housing and medical services

Public transportation is improved

More land under conservation easements

More educational facilities

The swimming pool is operational/ survived, open more hours

There is an orchestra in the middle school, high school

Fine Arts building completed

No pine beetles

Hospital renovation completed

No traffic problems-people/cars

Population is stabilized

Condo development is arrested

Distribution of population normalizes and stabilizes because of a more diversified economy and employment opportunities exist

More people shop here

Gasoline prices aren’t high

Community college and other educational facilities

No traffic problems

Fine Arts

Community center

Intergenerational discussion groups

Partner with CSU or UNC to offer classes at library

Fine Arts building completed

Hospital renovation completed

No trash blowing anywhere (town, park and country roads)

No pine beetles

New schools, maybe?

Recycling curbside

Vehicle emissions (less reliance on cars)

Renovation, restoration and preservation of old buildings and historic structures as community projects

More attention to history of town and preserving for the future to learn from

Keeping it a “small town”-no Big business

More activities for local children to do year round

Including recreation and education

Community service, volunteer (toward Seniors)

More friendly to one another

Enrollment up in schools

Library to be extra, extra friendly

Elderly in schools volunteering (breakdown differences)

Teens volunteering with elderly

Everyone participates in community. Town governs through civil conversation. Meetings about concerns and issues.-they talk to each other about what they care about

Friendly conversations with visitors

Folks greet each other on the street and at community gatherings- in different languages

People feel free to pick up each other so that fewer cars are used for transportation

Everyone who does have a car has a hybrid fuel efficient one. There are fewer cars and more public transportation, more flowers and trees. Scooters, hybrid buses

Everything that can possibly be recycled is Photovoltaic

Estes is energy and food independent as possible-community gardens etc.


Clear skies –no smoke-no fire

Town more pedestrian friendly

Recreation center used by all ages

Bus service to valley

Affordable housing-Mary’s Meadow

Every child-wonderful center-affordable, beautiful for visitors as well as residents

People of diverse backgrounds-race, ethnicity, generation, philosophy, etc.

Connect with other on issues respecting and honoring diversity

Less anger and bitterness in political process

Older generation helping younger-older woman keeping younger woman with her children

Education-involvement in students lives

Young people serving at senior center, nursing home

Less time wasted

Music training

Young person visiting a lonely shut in


Learned optimism

People of diverse backgrounds (age, ethnic, ideology, religious, economic, residents/ visitors are engaging in dialogue about community issues. We are learning to better communicate with each other on a person to person level respecting and honoring diversity

Less anger and bitterness in the political process. Ads that feed hatred and bitterness don’t work.

Recycling info and containers everywhere

Shuttles running all over town from outlying parking areas

Recreation Center being used by all ages

Bus service to the Valley

Affordable housing

Every child that needed childcare had access to affordable quality care

Go into the schools and see interested and happy involved youth

Ability to walk and get groceries

Or take public transportation

More housing for young families in a diverse community housing age /ethnic

Safe water and air

A green space within walking distance

Day care/ senior center combined

Free bicycle loan for transportation

Free adult education

Estes Park Urban Renewal Authority eliminated

Blighted housing replaced

Community center built

Proper signage for visitors/ improved

New entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park?

Downtown relocated/ revitalized

Accept that auto travel continues….

Environmental concern

Proactive responsive environment

Public transportation

Downtown improvements

Population growth

Improving schooling

Evidence of environmental change: solar panels, windmills, fuel cell “centers” for cars to change, recycling centers, etc.

Pedestrian walk/Elkhorn

Diversity (cultural)

Late evening activity- performing arts, restaurants, etc.

A lot of evidence of physical activity (bicycles, walking, bicycle paths connecting neighborhoods and parks)

Small specialty stores

Better schools- not so much “social engineering”, discipline, academics, trade

Affordable housing

Youth involvement

Environmental changes, i.e. solar-proactive

Community center

Curbside recycling

Public and civil discourse

Co-housing for seniors

Safety watch/signage

Pedestrian downtown

Places to gather

Public transportation

Families who work in Estes would be living in Estes

Estes Schools-provide a first class experience for all-strong leadership, stable teaching force

Latino families would be thoroughly represented across the spectrum of town services and businesses

Evidence of environmental stewardship

For all of us to be more friendly to one another

For our younger generation to do more community service and become more caring towards their elderly

No more war between cultural communities

I would like the schools and library to be extra, extra friendly

See modern housing for low income families

See multicultural events in which multicultural families interact

See a pedestrian/ non-car downtown

Hear a town with children laughing

Increase vocational tech training at schools

Transportation to the valley

Co-housing for seniors

People smiling on the streets

Inter-modal transportation connecting smaller towns: cross fertilization of ideas

More co-housing for seniors, not able to afford “pricey” accommodations

Opportunities for our young people entering the job market- expand technical training (all high schools shall offer same in depth??(someone there to fix stuff)

Fewer cars- more people walking- using buses

Elementary/ secondary school enrollment up

Transportation on Highway 7 will have hybrid buses or 1 person scooters from Carriage Hills into town

Less traffic on 7

Most houses will have photo static panels for their electricity that will heat the home

Clear skies because no smoke from fireplaces

Greenhouses will predominate for raising food. Both commercial and family homes

The town will have net metering


Population less dense, less seasonal, more community conscious

Condo development

More age diverse trend to middle of spectrum

Less traffic and congestion people and cars

Fine Arts, hospital improvement complete and on pace to meet needs

Friendly conversations with visitors

Less single vehicles traffic-pedestrian friendly streets

More trees and flowers

Less litter

More camaraderie

Active engagement to live safely

Safety Watch

No one would say a mean or hurtful thing about someone they don’t know

There would be many attractions for kids of all ages-we would see mutigenerational and multicultural groups together

No one would say hurtful things about other people (civility)

Many attractions for kids of all ages; Mutigenerational-multicultural

Less litter

Safety watch – for neighbors, people in your own area. More than crime- include health and people to depend on

Pet management (litter receptacles, leash)

Limited dead trees

Bond Park- prettified

Small gather spots

Green spaces with water (Bond Park)

Shaded rest areas for conversing

Estes will be about the same-still a resort area, still want to live here

More condos-people will want

More Hispanic

Older-lots 60’s

Population up

Service level about the same (a few tax income)

More senior housing

More civil participation

Library can


Non English Seniors work with kids (monitoring)

More public meetings

More interaction with schools

The key is knowing that the library’s function changes.

Co-housing- get a high school group to make a mock-up to show a group housing

Work with neighboring towns for Vo-tech? – each town offering a different aspect, a comprehensive program

With the renovation recently completed it would be hard to suggest anything for library as the idea might be in the overall plan

Estes people proudly smile on the street

People shop on Elkhorn and Moraine free of traffic

Our schools and town boards sit in a circle with an empty chair-rather than in current raised crescent

Town board publishes surpluses and asks us to suggest uses for such funds

We see new light industries in town and our graduates returning to work in these new systems

Inter-town transport systems

Vocational-technology offered at high school

Pedestrian downtown

Low income housing

Spanish and English teachers working from K thru 12 and a

Hire school kids for afternoon work at the library

Library/schools/chamber of commerce partnerships for Vo-tech in schools and job training – on site in businesses and service center.

Sponsor monthly inter-generational and multi-cultural events in Bond Park, Lake Estes, Hidden Valley, etc.

Partner with city fathers to use conference center for town meetings

More public forum

Lit/speakers on world issues

Branches at schools and community centers

Become a green building

Inter-board appraisal of kid’s needs

No graffiti

New train station

Winter activities for tourists

Center for indoor activities

Planned outdoor activities

Less substandard housing

Affordable housing

Young people want to stay in town not wanting to leave as soon as they can

Solar energy use visible

Civil public discourse

Safety watch/signage

Community center

Greenhouses/community gardens

People smiling/pedestrian downtown

Places to gather

Educational campuses

Beetle control

Preservation of historic structures

Public transportation

Public transportation

Curbside recycling

Few closed stores

Co-housing for seniors

More senior-children interaction

Buying gas – groceries – etc. at same level as downtown

High school students doing vocational internships

More hybrid cars

People look each other in eye

Public civility

All motorcycles have mufflers

Better parking – parking garage

Third floor added to library

Buildings maintained

No empty storefronts

Permanently stationed emergency helicopter

Fewer exposed lines – more alternative energy

More public transportation

Different kind of stores

Forests strong & beautiful

Clear skies…elk—wolves

No Starbucks

Streets w/o auto/traffic – shuttles   pedestrian ways

Planned community – good flow of traffic

Community recreation center

activities, workshops, child care

Resource center/community service center

No crabby people

No dangerous intersections (like Donut Haus)

Waiting lists for Spanish classes

Recycling bins by every trash cans

Fewer pet/wildlife negative stories

Sidewalks & bicycle paths extended

Solar panels for downtown businesses

Clear skies

Safety outdoors

Home offices interacting w/others

Parking & buses to valley

Performing arts center @ Bond Park

More diverse small businesses

Curb appeal

Winter town appeal

Less traffic noise

Connectivity among individuals

Mixing ages to share ideas

Red center/senior center

Connected bike/hiking trails

More free/playtime

Continuing education facility

Cultural offices

Solar presence

National awards for school district

Diverse community (ethnic)

Larger corporations coming in

Increasing internet

Hispanic community

Traffic pressures

Tourist packages

Affordable middle class housing

Increasing pollution

Public transportation

Combining districts

What we would see>affordable housing and teachers and police, etc living in town

Senior health and environment

Change with seniors working with other groups (age, color, ethnic) to create a community which becomes safer as well as forward looking.

Businesses that become more eye catching and open to visitors & customers

Building of homes: more attractive and unique in keeping up with small town “quaint” but efficient and modern.

Traffic moving smoothly both in vehicle and on foot

Clean air and environment promoting health and beauty of our mountains

Create more green areas

More green spaces with water (Bond Park)

Shaded rest areas for conversing

Limited dead trees


Attractions for kids of all ages   multigenerational – multicultural

Less litter

Safety watch for neighbors, people in your area

More than crime, include health & people to depend on

Pet management (receptacles, litter, trash)

Bond Park “prettified”

Small gathering spots

Immigrants need to adapt to U.S. ways, not choke us with their ways.

An ice skating rink

Better communication with the city fathers. There are awful politics in this town!

The gasoline prices are highly elevated here. Most of us go to the Valley for gasoline.

Selected refuse containers for recycling when we set our trash out. Glass, aluminum, newspapers, etc.

Green spaces

Wise use of resources

Covenant & restrictions on buildings not up to scale – improved!

Continuing to be a friendly, volunteering, caring, educated community with a concern for others.

Nice stores – not “trinket” stores but also not “out of our league” type

Availability to meet the needs of residents;  gas-restaurants-stores

Eco friendly town with an emphasis on saving resources & recycling

Sky clear –  less ambient light

Elk, deer, wolves howling at night

Social services for everyone who needs them

Increasing age in retirement population presents challenges in ability to do volunteer jobs available

Outlet stores or appropriate to the area – Coleman, Panera’s, Christopher & Banks, REI, Cabela’s, Eddie Bauer, Levis

Some streets without auto traffic -shuttle buses only

Town quieter – no buses, traffic jams or motorcycles coming through

Conversation – not noise & fumes

Parking lots close to shops

Recycling containers by all trash cans

What should our response be?

If we took these things seriously, what would the library do?

Structural learning center that addresses variety of learning needs & issues




Verbal communication center (as well as technological)

Setting for small group discussion of community issues

I’d like to see the library start a senior/child partnership for all type of reasons:

Apprenticeships, music lessons, parenting skills

Spanish/English language interaction, vocational skills

A research/debate forum on different issues to see what really works to help our town.

Educational opportunities, specific to literature – literary analysis class or book clubs for teens, where they come once a week to meet.

Books in many languages to represent many ethnicities.

I would like specific help/classes for home school families.

Offer varied adult education classes on pertinent community issues

Combined youth/senior activities – garden

Programs on environmental issues:  how to use solar, wind, etc.

Outdoor space for intergenerational activities



More publicity

First:  SHOULD the library be this active?

It has been until recently a repository and reference center

Now it has become a school and internet communications center — FREE

Where do we go from here?

Are we seeking new career opportunities for librarians?

Keep doing what we’re doing, only better

More youth/senior programs

Senior computer program

Better communications

Partner mentors/tutors with “at risk” kids

Advertise to community

Volunteer resource center (example model: “Friends In______” in Green Valley, AZ)

Adult education center (English Second Language, etc)

Partner with community colleges to create a center for continuing education

Become a physical location for forums on specific concerns for the future, i.e. develop a program that partners, developers, utility supervisors, government representatives, and commercial manufacturers interested in promoting solar energy in the community.

Cooperation between library & schools

Combination of __________

Partnership with______________

Community – all phases

Seniors – medical – business


Big question?

How to become more pro-active

Adult education

Tap local expertise

Why are we here??

School-library partnerships and outreach (this may already exist beyond my awareness)

Library outreach/collaboration with language minority communities and services – literacy? English Second Language

Library services to elderly/nursing home residents (mobile service staffed by volunteers)

Computer / internet research classes/instruction

Library tapping community expertise even further

Library collaborating on adult education

For the library to work together with schools to reach the younger generations the importance of learning about other cultures

Expand the area of bilingual books to a big, big area with lots of bilingual books

For all of us to be more friendly to each other

To work on how they can make the younger generation feel welcome at the library

Multicultural programs in the evening, not only in the morning

To have classes for people to learn English

Multicultural celebrations

Partner with schools & businesses on various identified issues

Offer group discussions on specified issues

Offer support for educational institutions

Serve as an example to the community regarding solar energy, other preservation issues

Publicized themes with materials at the library

Co-Housing, global warming, green building, speakers & literature/models

Community book (everyone read one book) & discuss at the library

Branch library at the school or any future community center

Active participants in any continuing education program that is brought to Estes Park at the community center

Become a green building – an example to the community

Be active partners with schools for after school programs

At the leadership level, school board & library board – library director & superintendent – discuss common needs for children’s literacy

Keep books beyond the 2 year limit – especially the classics

Have many reference books for the vocational needs of students

Books on fixing solar panels, maintenance of hybrid cars

Make room in the library for continuing education class for all ages

Book mobiles

Conference rooms for community meetings

A friendly place – as it is now

Keep books – make it a real library, depositor of books

Library is center of “go green”

Larger facility for community meetings, information, grant writing, economic development for:

Transportation (buses, less polluting)

Energy (solar, wind)

Green businesses – create employment

More families

Water conservation

All ages and cultures involved in research development and implementation

Energy – efficient housing – lower cost housing

Education system with emphasis on go green

Active recycling with capturing energy

Regular community meeting for idea sharing


Library as senior/child partnership

Library utilizing existing expertise making it available

Library center for sharing cultural info


(For Business Services Collection:  Attention:  Dick Davis Digest)

Library part of resource/community service center

Library services directed toward supporting population :

i.e. – genealogy research support

–   meeting space, both formal & informal

– reading programs/book clubs

– education programs

Clearing house for volunteer opportunities/volunteer services

More room for expansion

Room for the genealogy materials and other information pertinent to other groups

Use the old elementary school or part of it for library services

Library bookstore to sell used books, magazines, DVD, etc. (Great money-maker – staffed by volunteers)

Partnerships with museums & schools

Sponsor debates on local and national issues (make rooms available to groups with a single issue with participants all of the same or similar views on a subject)

Computer instruction and equipment geared to the novice (regardless of age) or physically challenged

Sponsor programs that will attract participation that reflects community demographics, i.e. Anglo, Hispanic, old and young, etc.

English language classes for interested persons – i.e. parents of children whose classmates learn some Spanish.

Seminars on environmental issues & transportation

Help to get recycling & mass transportation setup within the community

Study groups with seniors tutoring school children either at school or within library

Coordinating transportation for shut-ins to health appointments

Provide more community center space/gathering

Repository of Safety Watch

On-line center or link to college courses – affiliate with colleges for older community

Branch library facility in assisted living/Long Term Care

Put a children’s center in primary building

Work with hospital & schools to offer career training & awareness for HS kids

Work with town and National Park & Forest Service to notify residents of tree spraying, times, and companies

Place book drop-offs in convenient locations

Have small information kiosks around town

Offer parenting, technology, life-skills classes for community with schools

Build an Internet café downtown and/or on school campus

Have activities for young and old

Be involved with the school district, school library

Encourage & promote different great things about Estes

Work with small businesses – advertisement for and with brochures

Promote the park

Involved with the arts, programs, lessons, groups, with the arts (music, writing, etc)

Support idea for buses, gather businesses to make tourist package

Insist on stable school systems

Promote Estes in winter, advertise snowshoeing, etc.

Lead programs for senior community to share their history and talents with our youth and community

Provide English as well as other language classes for our youth/adults

Host continuing education classes

Start cultural diverse clubs

Host a traveling class where community- can learn from our diverse community and possibly get pointers

House an after school program offering tutoring and extra classes of interest

Offer classes to help our seniors jump into the next age in technology

Library could offer an opening to old & young to work together on projects

Library could offer studies for citizens in various areas of concern – air pollution, parking

Library could initiate discussions on areas of concern- bring in speakers?

They already serve children with entertainment & learning:  how about small theatre for adults?

Our newspapers could work with the library to develop ideas on how to implement “wishes”

Some town/library/newspapers coalesce with a new group to work on ideas

Boys & girls club

Floral curb appeal

Connecting old and young people

Recreation/senior center

Schools stability and thriving

Ethnic cooperation

Activities with young/old

Educate – what other communities are doing

Provide meeting facilities

Advertise – let people know about problems – available helping groups – social groups

Lead discussion groups on various subjects, problems, etc

Promote social groups, helping hands type groups

Make the library desirable, accessible and usable to the Hispanic families

Teach continuing education type classes to adults about sustainability, computers, communication

Offer a shuttle from the schools to the library for older youth. Provide interesting programs to older youth.

Setting an example in the community by “going green” , low voltage computers, solar panels, recycling bins, etc.

Arrange workshops for kids, taught by seniors

Offer job fairs

Offer a form of networking among residents

Offer art classes for kids

Developing strong volunteer & community involvement –fiscally and otherwise – for less dependence on local government

Larger children’s computer lab

Support home schooling with weekly programs

Develop literacy programs for non-native speakers of English

Grand-parenting program for all children

Mentoring program for school children

Book discussion groups

Educational programs:

Diversity training

Computer training

Rocky Mountain gardening

Hiking, biking safety

Improve reference materials for middle and high school students

Serve as clearing house to collect information about community services for all ages

Continuing education center

Support classes with resource material


Providing foreign language resources


Create an oral history program (interview the older residents as to what Estes Park was like in the past before we lose their perspective)


Provide resources on solar/wind power.  How-to-do materials.

Increasing internet

Support the younger population

Continuing education

Winter town appeal

Language classes for English speaking & vice versa

Programs for young & old


Reading together – book club for young and old

Computer classes for seniors

Setting up groups for multicultural assimilation

Kids – music

Teens – book club (coffee)

Coffee/snacks for sale            winter programs

Senior – internet/intro to computers/email

English Second Language programs/ classes/ computers

Language – Rosetta Stone courses

Community based festival/events

Home bound/delivery to reduce traffic (book mobile)

Recreation Center – library branch/homework/tutors

For the locals/ & schools

Playground behind parking

Longer winter hours/inside space for warmth

Open 9 – ?  winter as well

Winter programs          YEAR ROUND LIVING!

Senior / kid programs to bring them together – mix ages

Through library website, list businesses & services

Search, looking for……..

Invest in technology & technical training of staff & community

Invest in meeting rooms/facilities to incubate (facilitate) -learning and community interaction

Focus on continuing to bridge the digital divide

Provide services and support needed by local small business & home workers

Winter town appeal – create learning groups with expert speakers as demos on community interests – coordinate with overall direction of community

Library should provide information to public through classes & meetings given by experts that address local interests, such as sustainable living, educational classes, providing books, material for learning on subjects requested: i.e. languages, arts, hobbies such as genealogy, computer programs.

Be open to suggestions from patrons to explore valid needs.

Listen & learn

Provide classes (free or pay) for computer, art, environmental, cultural, political, municipal education.

Short-term (1-2 hr) day care services for parents to “get their errands done”

Assist startup nonprofits with an in-house consultant

Be the source for bus passes that would ferry people around town or even to Boulder/Loveland

Provide more Spanish story times or other services

Pick a cause and be the flagship in the community to fund raise, sounding board, speakers

Library – more info available via internet (e.g. genealogy)

Teach technology/programs for people who need/want them (e.g. seniors)

Partner with schools?

Information hotline

Work with park/city/forest to set up notification on times to spray trees

Book drop-offs in convenient locations

Information kiosks around town

Build internet café downtown

Info brochures on multitude of topics (trees, animals, fire sources, weeds, etc) all at library

Speaker’s bureau

Conflict management training

Develop brochures

Provide day care (winter) in library

Put a children’s center in the primary building

Put a branch library in assisted living facilities

Work with hospitals & schools to do vocational training and awareness

Affiliate with college – in valley, distance learning

Repository for neighborhood resources

Keep collective books!  Don’t discard older classics

Continuing education classes

Do library storytelling at the senior center

Make use of community expertise

Conference rooms

Structured learning – multicultural

Verbal community center not just technology

Gather examples from other successful communities

Library could house more educational programs

Library could encourage Estes Park Historical Society a.k.a.: Heritage Festival

Library could become a volunteer resource center for all non profit organizations

Master List

Partner w/non-profits – Center for Non Profit

Reasonable debate center

Inter generation discussions

Book discussions

Partner with colleges to offer credited classes

Statistics in community resource use

An approachable place to come for information for all ages and ethnic populations – because of its wealth of knowledge

Offer informational programs that appeal to all ages

Clearinghouse for “available expertise”

Storytime at the senior center/nursing home

Book clubs (reading groups)

More programs involving seniors & children

More educational programs about environment = trees, recycling…

Speakers:  use our pool of experts in town to educate about different programs

Members of senior center or Good Samaritan & other groups of retirees to give talks about issues

Reading programs between seniors & children.

When kids are being read to at the library have a senior volunteer come in to read.

Have kids read to seniors who have vision problems

Continue outreach for seniors from library.  Many seniors no longer drive & cannot get books from library

Teach by example – “go green” at library with light bulbs, recycling….

Small town library feel

Comfortable, cozy, wealth of information through books & other media

Emphasis on books – they can be taken home to be read & studied vs. computer use

More after school programs for kids

More literary programs

More language classes – free

Easily access the local history sources – you can’t move forward if you don’t know where you’ve been

Emphasis on books – can’t repeat that often enough – knowledge is the key to solving any problem

Emphasis on books – 2 min computer bits don’t do it

Staff & board that is responsive to community

More books

Less emphasis on technology

More teenage patrons to encourage ________________-

Book mobile to target areas:  Pine Knoll, Lone Tree, Talons Point, etc

Library sponsored college “fairs” with speakers from various colleges at the high school

Library sponsored “Speakers’ Bureau” on topics of significant import for town, county, world

Library sponsored “culture months” on cultures found here & elsewhere

More books

More teenage use of library

Less emphasis on technology

Satellite downlink for national/international conferences

Pre-kindergarten learn to read programs

Continuous English Language Learners classes

More low vision and hearing impaired resources

Pro-active relationship with public schools

Study skills classes

Needs of immigrants

Promote public civility

Staff interaction in community

Staff interaction with visitors & patrons in library

Educational activities

Remote learning

Library could be the central point for town activities

Library could ensure that all people (age, language, disability) have access to information

Bigger bike racks

Collaborative presentation/planning of adult ed. Leaders in town (i.e. senior center, recreation district, Rocky Mountain Nature Association)

After school classes for kids

Maintain the sacredness of the library & the mystique that “all” the answers can be found at “The Library”

Internet education classes for older adults – computer use

Emphasis remains on books– promote value of actual books

Be a central point for cultural activities

More free language & literacy classes

Assist needs of immigrants

Small town library feel – i.e. homey décor, homey feel, not so pristine

Ensure all people regardless of age, language, or disabilities have access to information

Easily accessible local history sources

Staff interaction w/visitors & patrons; be able to see staff & interact

Library teams with recreation district for multi-use facility with programs for all ages: pre-K, K-5, 6-12, young adult, young parent, middle age, retiree, elderly.

Programs include:  books clubs, tech clubs, after-school  programs , educational speakers, visiting authors, writing classes, for all ages (Claudine Perrault at the helm, of course)

More books on display or separate area in front to show what urban sprawl does to communities.

How the pollution affects people/animals & what Americans are doing to themselves by buying new & building new instead of re-using & re-furbishing

Offer college courses through Front Range that can be taken at library (Spanish professors too)

Educate young families how to start their own businesses so they can further their lives in the Estes Valley.

Library is Resource Center for Social Services support and development in the Community- It is focal point for fundraising efforts through grants and foundations

It uses the library resources (i.e. computers, outside funding, community contact) to train social services agency staff, Boards and other volunteers

Adult continuing education

Library should be a part of new Community Center, hub of activities for Estes

Old fashioned ambience with up to date technology: smell of old leather, wing back chairs in reading areas with lamplight, stacks and stacks of books (CD’s-computers, etc, unobtrusive)

Resource friendly- Recycling information and energy saving displays

Recycle containers for water bottles

Joint program with the school and library. Empty building could be a library extension and joint effort between the library and the school

After school programs

Language- learning English through books and activities

Meeting rooms for sharing ideas and community interests and /or concerns

Display-“Where to find in Estes Park”: visitor center, hospital, social services, shuttle routes, National Park entrances

Display-community responsibilities, taking responsibilities for pets, “don’t feed wild animals”, recycle, reuse, renew, wellness program information

Expanded physical presence in community: computer center, classrooms for adult education, multiple book drops

Library services-places for meetings, or places to talk, adult reading programs, book clubs

Room for expansion

Library services to the non-profits in town

Resource room and person specialist

Clearing house for volunteers

Trained/staffed community resource center. One stop for activities, social services, information, referral services.

Expanded physical presence in the community-computer center, classrooms for adult education, multiple book drops

1.  Increased programs for young people and school age children (after school book clubs, internet groups ie: chess; homework helper

Tutoring by volunteers (seniors)

2.  Additional community rooms for expanded community groups:

–   adult education, English as a second language, Spanish classes, fly fishing classes, genealogy classes, book groups, current event discussions, other workshops

3.  Expanded DVD-electronic books and reserved resources and services (on-line)

4. Seniors paired with school age children in groups

5. Drop in children programs

A bulletin board for: Constructive ideas, projects, activities

Announcements, possible solutions, resources

Volunteers available to serve needs

Information available for education: ie.- understanding how to

co-exist safely with wild life

To whom to report: experiences which could be prevented,

Incidences which enforcement should know – about frequencies,

reality, citizens should realize where, how these things happen

Additional workshops in genealogy and other popular activities.

No need for Spanish classes; the Hispanic must learn English!

Center for ESL classes, Spanish classes, computer literacy classes

Put recycling bins around all their outdoor trash cans

Drop in children’s programs with supervision

Offer programs that bring more people into the library-

Workshops, language classes, partner with adult education institutions

Start book clubs all over town-male, female, couples, teens that would meet at the library

Retirement population-More Baby Boomers

The library needs to allot a good amount of space for the genealogy department, at least as much as it had before. This is the fastest growing hobby in the US, but most importantly, it is an “educational” section of the library needed by students and adults of all ages. A genealogy researcher has to become a historian, especially of American history, in order to accomplish really accurate family history research. We need books and periodicals that are current, out of print and in between because everything is not on the internet. We have such a diversified population and it will become even more so as more retirees move here with free time to do family research. With proper understanding of how important this specialty area is to the future of our community, it can become the jewel in the library’s crown.

It will also be good for the community’s economy because its residents will not spend their dollars in other communities because our facility is sorely lacking in what is needed by its residents and visitors.

1. More presentations by experts on various subjects

2. Free tutoring sessions or fees that would be donated to library, ie. critical thinking skills

3. Digitize library’s holdings

4. Bulletin board for “constructive” ideas and projects

Technology growth

Digitize the library’s reference collection, including all genealogy material, so reference material could be accessed on-line: ie.- Enos Mills books, especially genealogy books

Computer classroom for public to reserve and hold technology classes

Small business resource center

After school programs

Greater outreach to community

Share resources with museum, library, Rocky Mountain National Park

Art classes

Community center for education, etc. (language, etc)

Resources for abused, victims, alcoholics, social services, etc.

Café attached/lounge with food and drink

Rotating interactive science and history displays and exhibits, sort of a discovery center

Finance and business finance classes

Seminars, speakers on current events

Remote learning – like genealogy programs

Cross cultural programs

How-to programming (internet, finance, etc)

Community forums to facilitate better planning and communication between citizens and government ; specifically relative to development and marketing.( ie. Study growth, establish panel to direct appropriate development)….closer to the pulse of the community

Child care to help young families-preschool, after school programs, more

Adult education: civil education (home rule? Current events): Business education: planning, technology, marketing, personal finance;  language-Spanish, Chinese, ESL; Art and theater, music

Continue developing and expanding opportunities for “remote learning”. Purchase software and make it available to library patrons via their home computers.

Recognize large retirement population and offer programs and collections of interest to them-gardening with native plants, genealogy, travel.

Develop inter-generational and cross-cultural programs to promote and celebrate cultural diversity.

More “how-to” programming-ie. using the internet for family history research

More “invited speakers” on current event issues and topics.

The library can contribute to the future of Estes Park by being a center for additional educational needs, for foreign language classes, adult continuing education

Resource on: green building, alternative energy, community planning

Community meeting, gathering room/space

After school program for school age children

Latest technology as well traditional materials

Interface and coordinate with Estes Park Medical Center, Rocky Mountain National Park, EPM—-exchange resources

Community resource center-meeting community needs

Volunteer opportunities

Educational opportunities

Medical services

Environmental education


Estes Park/Estes Valley history

Social services

What could library do- services to support younger families-(library is critical to families with children)-cooperation with local school library, reading times

“Waiting list for Spanish classes”….

Interactive teaching of Spanish for all ages and.

Interactive teaching of English for all ages.

Involve at-risk youth of all cultures in teaching younger students and adults of differing cultures.

Encourage interaction between families of all cultures

Old fashioned ambiance with up to date technology

Educational Display area: promote re-use, promote recycling, show the effect of urban sprawl

Team with recreation district for all age programs. Increased resources, decreased need for duplicated costs.

Using empty school building as a library extension

More books

Technology education

Lifelong learning center

Maintain homey hallowed halls of library

Additional computers and longer use times

Genealogy center

Offer credit classes (college)

Partnership between older and younger persons

Offer educational seminars, communication center

Publicize themes-using books, speakers

Affiliate with colleges – long distance learning

Generate senior computer education

Publicize programs better

Verbal communication center

English and other language classes

Tutoring/ book clubs

Winter town appeal/ speakers

Multi-age activities

Travel lectures

Library more accessible to Hispanic community



Delivery of books via internet

Tech training

Meeting rooms

Library Staff Ideas:



Feature art books – with a twist.  Have live artists working on their art by the display.  Could be a series of artists: drawing, weaving, carving, etc.   Maybe for a couple of hours each day, or once a week, or in the evening for the duration of the display.


Work with realtors to include library info with paperwork given to each new property owner.


Challenge all ages to write poetry in the style of Dr. Seuss, then host a reading at the library, publish entries in the newspaper, hang up entries in the library, read them on local radio station throughout the day between songs.  Cat in the Hat striped red socks for prizes.  Staff wears striped red socks that day. Circ desk says “Thank you for checking out a book.  Thank you for taking the time to look.”  Hmm..this might get out of hand…


Used to promote events, featured books, Dewey Decimal system, local authors


No charges if you return long overdue books during Amnesty Week.  Promote it with newspaper releases and flyers.

100,000th CHECK OUT (or another significant number such as issuing 14,500th patron, etc):

Patron willing, take photo of the check out and put in newspaper.


In the computer waiting area have a jigsaw puzzle in progress.


During the winter, have “wind” week with wind power guest speaker, kite flying, wind book display (Gone with the Wind, The Wind in the Willows, The Kite Runner, etc), hang kites throughout the library, make kites, borrow a wind meter and have the readings displayed in the library.


Have a spot on the patron account page of the website where patrons can write a book review that will then appear on a patron book review section of our website.  (we get to screen them first so comments other than book reviews don’t appear – “the women’s rest room needs soap”, etc.)


The question of the week currently in the paper could take place in the library, asking what patrons are reading.


Partner with colleges/universities by providing classroom space.


Encourage restaurants, coffee shops, etc. to host a book group.  Or host a dinner themed around a book.


Special sticker for books by local authors, local author panel for book discussions of their books, display, newspaper article listing works by local authors, partner with MacDonalds


Buy an old fashioned phone booth (the kind you sit in and close the door) for the library that can be designated for cell phone calls.


Show a silent movie on the side of the library and sit in cars to watch it.  Hang a sheet out of the upstairs window to use as the screen.


Volunteer who mans a info desk in the foyer during busy times…helps direct patrons, gives out directions, etc.  Like the people at DIA who volunteer where you step off the escalator.


Stay open late (or open for special hours) during finals week as a study place.


Leading up to the Adult Spelling Bee, feature a word of the week in the library with a poster, put the word in the newspapers, have staff use the word with each other, put in on the website


Check into having book recommendations or library news on the slide show that plays at the movie theater prior to the movie.


Flyer to business owners outlining items in the collection geared towards running a business.


Info to quilting, knitting, artists, elderly, commuters, etc. describing listening resources available.  Host an evening of listening to a book on tape – ask patrons to bring a project such as mending or addressing Christmas cards, etc.


Once a month during the dark winter months have extended Friday night hours with chess and checker sets out on the tables.


Mount an electronic sign downstairs on the wall, high above the copier with a swing arm. This sign will communicate information to our new patrons re: locations of services and upcoming events. It’s very presence will indicate our cutting edge mindset.


Since we have many programs where authors are featured, wouldn’t it be neat to have EPPL sponsor writing instructors to come and teach writing courses? Among topics could be:

*Write your family history

*Create interesting characters

*Plot your novel

*Get your article or book published

I know that a fellow offered to give an introductory program on screenwriting. Perhaps a writing group sponsored by EPPL would grow out of these classes.


Skateboarding programs for YA’s sponsored by EPPL at the skate Park

Young adult librarian on staff

YA activities in collaboration with Estes Valley Youth Center

YA game night– big screen video game


Fundraising that includes more of the community—-more family focused fundraising-

Country dances for the family with a live band and dance caller

The Foundation Dinner is an excellent fundraiser but it seems to exclude young families and people who would love to support us but can’t afford $100 for dinner and a babysitter


Book club bags—pre-packaged for club discussion and books to check out (They do this at the Louisville Public Library)

Could be bags for youth as well as adults


I believe some patrons would like to see self check out become available. In a way I don’t want to see this happen as I enjoy seeing and talking to patrons when checking them out.








Sponsor a poetry café or readings for adults at a local restaurant. Set up the microphone… a kind of

“open-mic” situation


One coordinates programs during the summer months only. The other coordinator is a full time staff person who plans adult events during the off season. That frees up the staff member to work desk hours during the summer.


A literacy camp that would meet 1 1/2 hours every day for a week or two. This would be offered for children entering 1st through third grades who are struggling with reading. During the sessions they would play reading games, do chants and they would be matched with seniors (Rotarians?) for one on one reading practice.


Move Kerry and Melanie’s desks to the kid’s computer room and take out the sink in the youth room and make a computer area there. Put in a Dutch door type of gate to keep the toddlers out of the computer area.


By the time we implement this plan there will either be no books or no need for a public space except for meetings.

Let’s flip the kid space and the adult space and have storytime by the fireplace.

All self-checkout and automated returns. No need for staff interaction with the public.


Collect community input on what locals are passionate about….hobbies, travel, writing etc.

Then, collect the information for future programming possibilities.