Hosting a virtual meeting? Try out Zoom—and the Library can help

Virtual meetings have many possibilities. They can be used not only to host a business meeting but for friends to knit together. Church members may use it to host an online service. People are using it to host game nights and casual dinners with families sharing social time across distances. Book groups can host tea time or cocktail hour. Local businesses can meet with employees during times when it’s not possible to meet in person. The possibilities are nearly endless.

The Library is helping to make sure community groups, clubs, local businesses, and associations can maintain their work, planning, and social connections. The Zoom platform is relatively easy to use, and with the help of an experienced Library staff member, your virtual gathering can be a success.

The Library will help you schedule your meeting in one of our own Zoom accounts, and provide you with the information you need to send to your attendees. A staff member can work with the group leader and presenter(s) ahead of time to prepare for the meeting. At the time of your virtual gathering, your Library Host will be on hand to make sure your event goes smoothly, muting attendees as needed and helping to keep the focus on presenters.

The success of an attendee’s participation may depend on the quality of their own internet connection wherever they are. Presenters and group leaders should always make sure their internet connection is a strong one.

Fill out the virtual request form and a member of our Programming team will be in touch with you shortly. Please always allow us 72 hours advanced notice to help you prepare for your virtual gathering.