Little Free Libraries in Estes Park

In 2015 the Estes Valley Library initiated a project to place small “take a book, leave a book”, lending libraries around the Estes Valley and it’s surrounding communities.  Several libraries were placed in neighborhoods, parks, and along city streets.  Each library was built by a local resident, and each library is monitored and cared for by a local resident.

What is a Little Free Library?
Little Free Libraries are free book exchanges that are operated on the principle of Take a book, return a book. They have each been uniquely designed and built by various members of our community.

Who can take books from a Little Free Library?
Anyone! Little Free Libraries are available to young and old, visitor and resident. We only ask that all users of Little Free Libraries bring back the book once they have read it or replace it with another book/s.

How can I donate books to a Little Free Library?
If you want to give a few books, simply put them in a Little Free Library near you. Little Free Libraries do not accept magazines, brochures, CDs or DVDs.

Who is responsible for the Little Free Libraries?
Estes Valley Public Library District initiated the Little Free Libraries as a community project. Today each Little Free Library has its own steward. If you have questions about a specific Little Free Library, you can contact the steward of that library by going to the Little Free Library map for the Estes Valley area (80517).

Where can I find a map of all the Little Free Libraries in Estes Park?
You can view or download a map here

Can I build my own Little Free Library?
Yes! If you would like to build a Little Free Library in your area, please visit: for more details on how to go about it.