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A comfortable environment for everyone safely and freely to enjoy the Estes Valley Library (Library) is a leading community value, and is a shared responsibility of the staff, visiting patrons and local law enforcement.

All persons at the Library are expected to observe the laws of Colorado, including criminal statutes pertaining to Disorderly Conduct, Trespass and Interference at Public Buildings, Disrupting Lawful Assembly, and Harassment. Section 18-9-117, Colorado Revised Statutes, Unlawful Conduct on Public Property, authorizes state entities to establish additional limitations and prohibitions regulating behavior on public property. Pursuant to that authority, the Library adopts the following rules:

When you enter the Estes Valley Library, you make a commitment to act courteously toward all other persons here, to act respectfully with regard to the property of the Library and other patrons, to follow the policies and rules of this facility, and not to cause a disturbance that interrupts the use of the Library by others as a place peacefully to gather, learn and grow. By way of illustrating this standard of conduct, the following activities are prohibited at the Library:

•       Engaging in any behavior that constitutes a crime
•       Doing anything that could result in injury to yourself or others
•       Damaging property of the Library or of other patrons
•       Infringing on the right of others to use the library peacefully
•       Harassing or intimidating patrons or staff members
•       Engaging in rowdy behavior or loud or prolonged conversations or laughter, including use of cell phones, that can be heard by others
•       Using electronic devices with volume or ring tone loud enough to disturb others
•       Bringing animals into the Library except those required for disability aid
•       Loitering, soliciting or selling items without Library consent
•       Making disturbing noises, including loud or prolonged crying
•       Using Library or personal computers or other electronic devices to view pornographic or adult material
•       Sleeping on the floor or furniture
•       Failing to maintain a standard of personal hygiene (offensive body odor, bringing vermin-infested clothing and personal effects into the Library)
•       Bringing or consuming food or beverages except in areas of the Library where specifically allowed
•       Smoking or using smokeless tobacco or devices

Parents or guardians are responsible to see that their children observe these rules.

Pursuant to Section 29-11.7-104, Colorado Revised Statutes, and a resolution adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Estes Valley Library District, the open carry of any firearm or handgun is prohibited in the library building.

The Library staff will ask people who do not behave in accordance with these standards to correct their behavior or to leave the Library. The Library may request the police to assist with people who do not comply with these rules.

A copy of these rules will be posted at each entrance to the Library. Copies will be available for any person who asks for a copy and may be given to persons who are violating the rules.


Please refer to the Patron Policy and Internet Policy sets for more information.

The Estes Valley Library Behavior Policy was adopted and approved by the Estes Valley Public Library District Board of Trustees on March 18, 2013, revised on September 21, 2015 and reviewed June 20, 2016 and June 20, 2019.

John Krueger, President                                         Beth Ellis, Secretary