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In accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) 24-90-601 thru 24-90-606, the Estes Valley Library (Library) has implemented an Internet Filtering Policy on all Library terminals that provide public access to the Internet.

Internet filters are software programs that seek to block access to potentially offensive images and text.  This software diminishes the likelihood that Internet searchers will inadvertently retrieve text or images that they may find offensive; but this software may also block access to sites that users would consider both useful and inoffensive.

Adults 17 years of age or older can request a Library staff member to temporarily disable the filter. Minors supervised by a parent may also have the filter temporarily disabled.  Picture identification may be required by the staff member in order to verify the requestor’s age.

The Library makes available a designated Youth Computer Room containing literacy-based software programs.  These computers provide no Internet access.

The filtering software used at the Library has different settings and options that can be selected to block access to a wide variety of Internet sites.  The Library Board of Trustees designates authority to the Library Director as the final decision maker with regard to which filtering software settings and options are activated in order to comply with this policy and the above referenced CRS.


Please refer to the Internet Policy set, Confidentiality of Library Records Policy, and Patron Behavior Policy for more information.

The Estes Valley Library Internet Filtering Policy was adopted and approved by the Estes Valley Public Library District Board of Trustees in December 2004 and revised on May 15, 2006, January 18, 2010 and December 9, 2013 and reviewed December 12, 2016.

Sharon Poggenpohl, President                            Marjorie Hancock, Secretary