As an expression of its mission to bring people, ideas and opportunities together for the enrichment of our community, the Estes Valley Public Library District (Library) will offer a wide variety of programs for all ages. Selection of programming topics by staff will be in response to the emerging and demonstrated interests of Library users and the community.

Programs shall not exclude topics, materials, speakers, media, and other resources because these might be controversial. Library sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the program or the views expressed by participants, any more than the purchase of material for the Library collection constitutes an endorsement of the contents of the material or the views of its creator.

In addition to Library initiated programming, the Library may choose to cosponsor programs with the Friends of the Library, the Library Foundation, and with other agencies, organizations, and educational institutions. Any entity that is co-sponsoring a program with the Library agrees to the Library’s commitment to intellectual freedom. The Library:

  • will develop each partnership on an individual basis, and document the terms and conditions in a written agreement.
  • reserves the right to cancel an existing agreement with an organization that uses the Library’s name without prior consent, or develops a public image inappropriate to the Library’s service or objectives.


Admission is free for most Library programs. However, at the discretion of the Library Director the following will be permissible for Library-initiated fee-based programs:

  1. Fund-raising to benefit the Library
  2. The sale of books by its author as part of a Library program
  3. Fees to off-set the cost of a Library or co-sponsored agency program


The Library also provides space for programs that are held in the Library’s meeting rooms, but which are not library initiated or co-sponsored. The Library reserves the right to take photographs of events for its own records and for future promotional materials.


Please refer to the Group Policy set for more information.

The Estes Valley Library Programs Policy was adopted and approved by the Estes Valley Public Library District Board of Trustees on November 20, 2006, revised on July 20, 2009 and May 20, 2013.


Amy Hamrick, President                                                     Kaye Orten, Secretary