Thank you to all who submitted requests through November 4. Requests yet to be made can be submitted any time and will answered in the order they are received, after the first wave of requests are answered on November 8.

New for this year’s request process, the Library implemented a random lottery system that kept all applicants on the same footing. Those who have submitted their requests during the application dates will be notified of the status of their requests by end-of-day on Friday, November 8.

If you haven’t done so already, to initiate a meeting room request for 2020, click this link to make a Public Meeting Space Request“. Your request will be answered in the order it was received, after the first wave of requests have been answered. If you have four or more meeting dates to request, you may forego making separate requests and leave a description in the field titled Comments and Additional Information.

The requester must have an Estes Valley Library card to complete the application. Library staff is available to answer questions about the process or to assist anyone who may need to acquire or update their Library card or change their PIN number.

The website contains helpful details on the meeting spaces available for public use, as well as their attendance capacity and equipment capabilities. Meeting representatives should also carefully read the Important Policies links to assure their planned use is in compliance with Library policies and guidelines.

Please note: an application for meeting room use does not constitute an approval of the requested times until and unless Library staff have confirmed the request. An automated email will be sent after the request is submitted, and again once the request is approved or denied.

Each month, dozens of local organizations, businesses, civic clubs, and homeowners’ associations make use of the free meeting spaces at the Library. The Library is pleased to provide these community gathering spaces according to their availability.