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Enjoy the works of local artist Pat Tolar, featuring paintings with blended fibers, displayed on both floors of the Library through February.

Pat’s folk paintings utilize paint with blended fibers to create a unique effect.

The public is encouraged to visit both floors of the Library during February to see the works of local artist Pat Tolar.

“My Aunt Louise got me started in acrylic paintings around the mid-1990s,” says Pat. “My first success was displaying about 75 paintings inside a Cajun restaurant, and I sold 3/4 within a year.”

“Early on, I received advice on adding blended fibers into the paint, which I still do today to create my folk paintings.”

“After working in restaurants in Estes Park since 1982, I recently decided to pursue painting full-time, which has allowed me to learn more and improve my technique.”

To contact the artist, call 970-631-1200.

The Library supports local artists by providing exhibit space on a rotating monthy basis. Click here to learn more or to submit a request to exhibit your artwork.