Access Value Line in the Library or from home. A convenient up-to-date online format has replaced the print edition.

For nearly a century “Value Line” has been one of the most popular and trusted stock analysis publications for investors. The Library’s subscription is now easier to access, with a shift to a convenient new online format.

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Link to Value Line (look for the Investments category)

The new online edition comes with many benefits, including:

  • Information is current and updated daily. Less hassles with outdated information, as tended to happen with the print version.
  • It can be accessed both in the library as well as remotely, from anywhere (whether at home or while traveling)
  • Opportunities for more people to discover this great resource, thanks to the online convenience
  • The online edition comes with tutorial links, so new and returning users will have easy-to-access resources on how to use the content — as well as great educational resources for both new and seasoned investors