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by Melanie Kozlowski, Early Literacy Librarian, Estes Valley Library

Early Literacy Librarian Melanie Kozlowski

Are you the parent of a young child? Know someone who is? Your days are busy—sometimes downright hectic. We’ve got you covered, with early-learning activities to keep those kiddo happy—and fit your schedule. Your Library Card is a time-saver and stress-reducer!

Here are easy ways you can bring home all the magic:

Reserve a Storybook Explorer kit — all ingredients included!

Just like preparing a delicious meal — it’s so easy when the ingredients are already assembled. A Storybook Kit is just like that: a book to keep, complete with games and activities. Mix with child and parent, and voila — a little one’s brain is soaring with cognitive development and joy.

Books are a great way to relax and de-stress. Books can calm as we snuggle up with our child and read together. Picture books inspire curiosity and creativity. Your involvement motivates and helps a child attach words to the ideas and questions swirling inside their minds. Reserve new “grab-and-go” kits every month, available in English and Spanish.

Take home a Discovery Pack — let the learning flourish.

Sure, we check out books—and a whole lot more! Have you heard about our Discovery Packs? They’re bags filled with hands-on activities—to stimulate learning-based playtime and literacy skills. We’ve saved you time by picking out the best from toy and learning companies. 

Imagine: puppets to act out stories, memory games for wordplay, sensory activities for counting skills and color recognition. Hours of kid-friendly stimulation—the kind that keeps them learning and growing. 

Take home a stack of books—they’re already sorted for ages and reading levels.

The Children’s Room is designed so you can go right to age-appropriate books. That starts with “board books”, designed for reading aloud to an infant—durable for babies to touch and grab. Then there are “early readers”, with lots of pictures and very simple words.

For new readers, we have all those rows of picture books, intentionally placed at eye-level for kids to browse—and enjoy the thrill of choosing their own books. 

How about a “how-to” manual for being a good parent?

Someone recently recalled becoming a parent for the first time, suddenly realizing: there’s no Instruction Manual included. Who has time to do all the research? Solution: browse the Parenting Section in the Children’s Room—we’ve got titles filled with ideas and innovations from trusted experts.

Drive through the “Be Ready Fair”—everything you need in one big bundle!

Stop by the Elementary School parking lot on Thursday, May 6 between 5 and 6:30 p.m. for a treasure-trove of free early-learning goodies: books, backpacks, hands-on activities, snacks, and more. Kids will enjoy seeing cheerful costumed characters, and bright shiny fire trucks too.

April’s Month of the Young Child is only a prelude to great things happening year-round for young readers. Let’s all celebrate early childhood learning all year long. Parents, we’ve got you covered!