No WiFi at home? Want to connect to Internet while relaxing outdoors or on a hiking trail? The Library’s new Hotspots for Checkout might be just the solution!

How does it work? The Jetpack WiFi hotspot device turns a connection to a cell tower into a password-protected WiFi network that any of your WiFi devices (laptops, tablets, phones, even game systems and smart TVs!) can use.

You won’t need your own Verizon account to use the hotspot, but you will need to be in a place that has a strong 4G or 5G signal from a Verizon cell tower. In places where you’re unable to make a cell phone call, the hotspot will likely experience a similar difficulty. Sometimes, a simple solution is to walk to a more open area (perhaps, a meadow, or the top of ridge) to find the signal.

The Jetpack Hotspot has a 15-hour battery life, or you can stay plugged into an outlet. The screen display shows bars of service, and with full bars, you should be able to stream and video chat. Up to 15 devices can connect to the hotspot at the same time.

Currently, there are 3 Jetpack hotspots available for 1-week checkout. Look for them next to the Chromebooks on the kiosk in the Library atrium. Hotspots come in a carrying case along with their fast charger and easy-to-use instructions. Placing an advance hold is not required for check-out, although that is recommended to assure availability.

CLICK HERE to place a hold on a Hotspot for Checkout. Questions about hotspots? Call us at (970) 586-8116 or email us anytime.