Go to Digital Collections by Device Type

Got questions on how to access these services on your device? Email us at answers@estesvalleylibrary.org and we’ll help you through the process.

Your current Estes Valley Library card gives you access to these services. If you are an Estes Valley resident who does not currently have a Library card, we encourage you to apply online for a Digi-card: click here for details.

The Estes Valley Library’s digital collections offer over 600,000 items for reading, listening and watching.  Collection items can be accessed live, while you are attached to the internet (streamed), or downloaded onto your device for mobile use.  The Estes Valley Library website provides instructions for our digital services for the most commonly owned devices, and provides a link for access to the service webpage for less common devices.  To use our three digital collection services you must have a valid Estes Valley Library account, in good standing, and have established a password (PIN code) for use with your library account.  Your library card number and your PIN code will be used to establish and validate your account with each service that you sign up with, Libby & Overdrive, cloudLibrary, and hoopla.

If you have questions about your PIN code please contact Library staff at (970) 586-8116. This number is active during the Library closure.

New in 2019: Digital Magazines! Country Living, Forbes, HGTV Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and Yoga Journal are just some of the titles available in Libby and Overdrive.

Libby & OverDrive

Offering ebooks, audio books, video, and music. Libby is the new app by OverDrive designed for ease of use.

Library members may borrow up to 5 books at a time, and may “hold” up to an additional 5 items at one time.

Get started with this brief introduction video, or visit a link below to learn about Libby on a specific device.

iOS – Apple
Kindle Fire
Other Device Instructions from OverDrive


Offering ebooks

5 and 5 in the Cloud:  Library members may borrow up to 5 books at a time, and may hold up to an additional 5 items at one time.

iOS – Apple
Other Device Instructions from Bibliotheca + 3M

View the Cloud Library ‘s how-to video


Offering audio books, television shows, movies, music, books and comic books.

Available for iOS Apple, Android, Kindle Fire, Apple TV and Chromecast devices.

Library members may stream or download a limit of 5 items per calendar month.

Go to hoopla’s log in page, click on “Sign Up Now”, choose the Estes Valley Library, and enter your account information.  Log on to hoopla from your computer any time to watch or listen.

hoopla titles are also available for use on your mobile device.  Set up your account first (see above).  Then go the app store for Apple devices, or the Play Store for Android devices, download the hoopla app, and enter your account credentials to begin.