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Giving Thanks for Giving—In All Its Forms

by Sarah Walsh, Friends & Foundation Development Director

For Estes Valley Library’s Friends & Foundation, we’re reflecting on these final weeks of 2018 to give thanks.

We offer thanks to many generous library lovers, who support literacy, learning and community through their contributions. We also thank the many library volunteers who give thousands of hours of their time each year.

And we thank the book-lovers and gift-seekers who will shop next Friday and Saturday, December 7 and 8, from 10 am to 4 pm at the Holiday Used Book Sale. Thanks to all who donated books and materials for the sale. Every dollar raised helps us build a better library.

Whether measured in time, dollars, or enthusiasm, generosity takes place in many forms 365 days a year, as does our gratitude.

And there’s one day when giving especially shines. Perhaps because it’s the day when giving is so easy. It’s a day where every gift, small or large, goes a little farther.

This Tuesday, December 4, marks Colorado Gives Day 2018, a statewide invitation to celebrate and participate in everyday philanthropy through online giving. Our theme this year: “I love the Library!”

The Library Friends & Foundation is an official ColoradoGives participant, which is important for three great reasons.

First, every nonprofit organization that participates is screened by the Community First Foundation to ensure the highest standards. Good stewardship of donor funds is a strong ethic of ours.

Second, participation in this event helps the Library Friends & Foundation to stretch every dollar. Donations made through Colorado Gives Day allow us to receive a portion—small but mighty—of the $1 million Incentive Fund distributed amongst the 2400 participating nonprofits. Every gift helps, large or small.

Third, donations on Colorado Gives Day support the Library in many different ways, including community literacy. One example: donations help to fund the annual Summer Reading Program—for kids, teens, and adults.

Early Literacy is a year-round focus for the Library, with emphasis on programs that help nurture early brain development in young children through stories, music and activities.

The Friends & Foundation support other key strategic goals that the Library has prioritized through listening to community feedback. The Library enables Lifelong Learning through Makerspace programs and by providing English Language Learning materials. The Library works to build a greater sense of community through programs like the recent One Book One Valley that focused on civic engagement and conflict resolution.

For us, December is the perfect time to reflect on the year past and look enthusiastically to the year ahead. And Colorado Gives Day is a simple and effective way to make a contribution.

Whether it’s that special book you buy at next weekend’s book sale, or a Colorado Gives Day gift, you’ll be part of maximizing the potential for literacy, learning, and positive opportunities. You’ll find our Gives Day site at ColoradoGives.org/EstesValleyLibrary

Together, our giving continues to build a better future.