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In September, the Estes Valley Library and Michael Young, Creative Director for the Catch the Glow Parade, joined forces to host a float design competition for this year’s event. 

One lucky youth designer would get to see their miniature creation come to life as a full-scale masterpiece. The contest received twenty entries, all of which were creative, impressive, and quite festive!

The Library and Young are delighted to announce Leonardo Kabealo as the winner of this year’s competition. Kabealo’s design features several decorated trees, life-size sparkly pipe cleaners, and a giant red heart. 

Kabealo and his family joined Michael during parade prep last week for a sneak peek. The Kabealo family will be riding on the float during the parade this Friday, November 24.

“Leonardo is one talented six-year-old!” commented Young. “It was so fun to hear him explain what each element was after I replicated his concept.”

Many of the contest entries were designed using materials from the library’s Makerspace, while others were crafted at the Estes Park Elementary School and at home. The final float is sponsored by the Estes Valley Library. 

“We received really amazing – and adorable – submissions this year,” added Seph Reed, Tech Arts Librarian. “It was a ton of fun from beginning to end. Seeing Leonardo’s design rolling in the parade will definitely be the star atop the tree!”

Thank you to our community of talented youngsters for their ideas and creations. Join us for more fun, available throughout the season and beyond, in the Makerspace.