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by Melanie Kozlowski, Early Literacy Librarian

Melanie Kozlowski, Early Literacy Librarian

We all want kids to be happy and healthy. We want them to thrive in school—get good grades. Twenty years from now, we want to live in a world with high graduation rates, low crime, and young people poised to achieve their dreams.

What we do today can secure that future. Studies show that supporting the learning and literacy of our youngest kids today is one of the surest paths to that tomorrow. After all: consider the amazing fact that 90% of all human brain structure development takes place before the age of five!

April is the Month of the Young Child—our chance to celebrate and spotlight the local resources to ensure that brighter future. Early childhood literacy is key.

Parents and caregivers, we know your days are busy—downright hectic. That’s why we’ve got programs and resources to save you time, reduce stress, and keep those kiddos happy. Here are a few ways the Library is making it easy to bring the magic of reading into a kid’s life—and stimulate their fullest cognitive development.

Drop in for Library Storytimes. Each week, kids enjoy stories, songs, puppets, and playtime to stimulate their minds. Along with Thursday/Friday/Saturday morning sessions, check out Pajama Storytimes on Wednesday evenings, including a monthly sing-along with local music therapist Nancy Bell.

Show a kid to their room: the Children’s Room! Kids love picking out their own books to take home. We make it easy and fun. There are “board books”—for reading aloud to infants—durable enough for babies to touch and grab. Next, “early readers”, with lots of pictures and very simple words. For new readers, we have rows of picture books, at eye-level for kids to browse.

Discovery Packs: play-time for the brain. We make it convenient to take exciting new activities home: puppets to act out stories, memory games for wordplay, sensory activities for counting and color recognition. Hours of kid-friendly stimulation—the kind that keeps them learning and growing.

“How-To Manuals” for Parents. Being a parent doesn’t come with printed instructions, but we make it easy to access the best research. Browse the Parenting Section for ideas, inspiration, and innovation from trusted experts.

Build a Kid’s Home Library. Studies show that having books inside a child’s home is a likely indicator of lifelong success. Parents, we’ve got you covered here too! That includes:

We thank the generous donors of the Library Friends & Foundation for making these visionary projects possible.

Come join the kick-off to this special month at this Saturday’s 11 AM Wagon Parade for all ages. What we do today can make all the difference for our kids.