The Estes Valley Library has gone fine-free for almost all items. We just want the items back. And most of all, we want you back.

Life happens–and we understand it: work demands, family illnesses, weather issues, etc.

Here’s a handy list of Frequently Asked Questions that helps explain the current policy:

I have overdue items. How much is the fine? A little late? No sweat. Return all items on your account, and there’s no overdue fine.

Is there a time when my account gets blocked? Only if you have more than three (3) items past due, or if you have more than $10 in lost or damaged charges.

How late before I get billed? What happens if my dog chewed a Library book? If items go 30 days past due, or if items are damaged, we’ll send you a bill for the cost of the item. Once paid in full, we’re happy to unblock your account.

If I have a late fee from before the policy change, do I still have to pay?Fees for previous lost or damaged items will still remain. However, old $5 late fees will be waived! We love giving a fresh start.

Any exceptions to this fine-free policy? The Lucky Day collection, featuring bestsellers that check out for 7 days, will still have a $1 day late fee. Don’t worry—these books are clearly labeled. There are still fees for a few items as identified in our Fee Policy.

Aren’t you losing money by not charging fines? Fines were less than 1% of our budget (0.24% to be exact). Factor in the costs of managing and collecting fines, the Library lost money. The new policy essentially has no impact on the Library’s budget.

My books are late. Can I still make a goodwill donation, even if you’re not charging fines? We’re always grateful for generosity—thank you. Your contribution will go toward our fundraising nonprofit—the Library Friends & Foundation.

Want to see the full details? Link here to see the full Fees Policy