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Estes Valley residents gathered to await the One Book One Valley unveiling on November 8.

It’s official!

Readers in the Estes Valley have chosen Barbara Kingsolver’s novel Flight Behavior as the next One Book One Valley. On November 8, after a festive Unveiling Party, we began sharing hundreds of copies of the book.

One Book One Valley, an annual reading celebration hosted through the Estes Valley Library, is about community. The Library encourages readers to pick up a copy of Flight Behavior and, when finished, to share it with friends, family, co-workers and neighbors across the Estes Valley. The project invites conversation and interaction with fellow readers–and the opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances in the process.

Special thanks goes to the many people who attended the November 8 Unveiling Party at Cliffhanger Used Books, including the Mayor, several members of the Town Board of Trustees, and our new Town Administrator. We appreciate the enthusiasm and participation of all our neighbors, donors, and library lovers.

The festive setting was made possible by the board members and volunteers of the Library’s Friends & Foundation. Donors and shoppers are also making the project possible through their generous contributions and used book sale purchases.

Thanks also to Elkins Distilling Company for their generous support.

The Library staff thanks everyone for their participation and looks forward to hosting the full roster of discussions and programs in January 2020. The story awaits you. It’s as simple as stopping by the Library for a copy to take home. It’s also available in digital book and audiobook formats.