Help assure the Estes Valley gets adequate 10-year funding for schools, roads, veterans’ services and more. Watch our original 20-minute video conversation with “Noah Webster” now on Facebook.

The U.S. Census is underway and most households in the Estes Valley have received information on how to complete their Census online. It’s estimated that every person counted in the Census helps bring nearly $1500 in federal funds locally each year, so getting a complete count is extremely important for the next decade. And by completing your Census now, you’ll save the Census workers the effort of having to track down your household in person. In short, completing the Census is easy, safe, important—and responding is required by law.

2020 also marks the very first time that the Census can be completed online, making it easier than ever to complete the process.

Now on the Library’s Facebook page: a recorded conversation with U.S. Census Bureau representative Maureen Reilly, who gives all the basics of this year’s Census. You can watch this fun 20-minute video anytime.

Joining Maureen for the video conversation is storyteller and librarian Kurtis Kelly in the role of Noah Webster. Webster is the lexicographer famous for his “Webster’s Dictionary” and he is credited as the person who started the very first Census ever, when he began traveling from town to town to gather the counts of people in villages, thinking this information must surely be important for the present and future.

Local 2020 Census activities are being held in partnership with the Town of Estes Park, with support from a grant from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs and Larimer County.