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by Kurtis Kelly, Communications Specialist

The questions we receive at the Library and the resources we draw upon have transformed in the last quarter-century of the Internet Age. Yet the values that guide our service have remained unchanged.

Just as questions take many varieties, there are many paths a question can take in its journey to an answer.

Some answers can be found right on the spot. Maybe it’s looking up a fact—like who pitched the 1969 World Series. Or maybe we help you find the best Thanksgiving recipes, or books to repair a leaky faucet. These often take a straightforward path from start to finish.

Other times, a question may need follow-up. Sometimes an answer takes time and a bit of digging. We’ll ask you how soon you need the information, we’ll get your contact information and follow up. This saves you from having to wait while we search, allowing us to provide a more informed and thorough reply. Time is on both our sides.

Sometimes we’ve got it. Other times—if we’re stumped, or if there’s a better place to direct the question we ask, who has the expertise we can draw upon?

Happily, the Estes Valley has a robust network of public services—the connective tissue of our community. We may refer you to one of the many agencies that can best help.

Did you know that Estes Park has over a hundred nonprofits? We work with our partners at the Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center to identify local agencies that can assist with specific needs and provide dedicated services.

How about local history research? Here we partner with the Estes Park Museum. The Museum is the keeper of original documents, including Estes Park’s historic newspapers. We are working with them to develop keyword-searchable digital copies of those newspapers—and we’re now up to 1945! Click here to see this resource. The Museum also takes research requests and searches through their one-of-a-kind resources.

Referrals also take the form of a unique service we call Book-a-Librarian. Need help with your tech device, or a college application, or maybe a Spanish-English translation? We’ll give you our undivided attention in a 30-minute Book-a-Librarian appointment.

So don’t hesitate to stop in or call or email us with your questions. We’re here to help—whether it’s satisfying a joyful curiosity or unlocking a key to personal success.