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by Peggy Moore, Patron Services & Accounts Supervisor

You’ve heard that ad asking, “What’s in your wallet?” Our favorite answer: “A Library Card!” New Library Cards are in the works. Updating your card will take only a few minutes.

Our current Library Cards have served us well for 12 years! But technology requires that we phase out the old numbering format for a new one. This will pave the way for our digital resources and automation systems to work to their optimum levels (and with new benefits for you).  

Think of it like replacing a credit card, which typically happens every 3 years: it’s a natural cycle.

We recently invited all of you to help us choose the new designs. From nearly 1000 votes emerged the 3 in-house-design winners (pictured on this page).

Thanks also to dozens of kids who entered original artwork—45 entries in total! And congratulations to Eden, age 12, the creator of the winning kids’ design (pictured below on this page).

Here are a few questions that might be on your mind:

When can I stop in to get my new Library Card?

To best assure continued access to Library resources, stop in at your earliest convenience.

Will I get to choose my design?

Yes! You may choose from any of the 4 new designs.

Will I get both a wallet card and a keychain card?

Yes—you’ll receive both formats and can use either or both, just like now.

What will happen to the old library cards?

You can visit the Makerspace (upstairs) to create a pendant, earrings, bookmark, or a keychain from an old Library card. Also, we’ll be happy to collect your card to use with future craft projects.

May I keep my old card as a souvenir?

Certainly! We know library cards can have sentimental value. You will get your new card, without having to surrender your old one (although the old barcode will no longer be active).

May I have a spouse or friend pick up my new library card?

To assure accuracy and privacy, we’ll want to have you in the library to personally receive your new card. (If you’re homebound for physical reasons, contact us and we’ll make special arrangements).

My card number is saved in my settings for digital checkouts. Will I need to update it?

Yes – it should take only a few minutes to update, once your new card is in hand. We’ll be happy to assist.

Artwork by Eden, age 12

For Overdrive/Libby, let us know upon getting your new card, and we’ll merge your new card (may take end-of-business day for the process to complete). For the Cloud Library, try logging out of the app and logging in with your new number (or simply add your new card number and delete the old one). For Hoopla, ensure your new card number and PIN are updated in your Library Setting: Log in with your new number and use the gear icon in the upper right.

What if I can’t make it to the Library right away to exchange my card?

Getting your card soon will help assure you have no difficulty accessing digital collections and other at-home services. But don’t worry—if you’re traveling, only in-town seasonally, or just plain busy—your account won’t go away.

If you’re currently using your old card for remote services, enter the existing number without the slash (and no spaces), and it should continue to work for account login, digital collections at online research databases. Contact us if you have any questions.

Stop by for your all-new Estes Valley Library Card. Your Library Card is your passport to learning, opportunity, and joy!