The Estes Valley Library District’s 2020 Budget was officially adopted on December 9.

Local Library Logistics: Final 2020 Budget

by David N. Hemphill, Board Treasurer, Estes Valley Library District

The Estes Valley Library District governing board voted to adopt the library’s final budget for 2020 as part of the December 9 monthly meeting of the Library Trustees. The budget is prepared by library staff with a commitment to honor the public’s priorities and to utilize successful experience in the prudent use of public funds. Click here to review the 2020 Budget and the accompanying 2020 Budget Message.

By adopting the 2020 budget, the Estes Valley Library District Board of Trustees will provide for the accountability of the library’s operations and ensure that the budget priorities are aligned with the library’s Strategic Plan adopted in 2018. The Board of Trustees’ finance policy articulates parameters for district income and expenses. The five key goals of the Strategic Plan were the result of careful listening to community needs—including your crucial feedback gathered in the 2017 Library Satisfaction Survey.

Budget planning is also guided by the Library’s 10-year strategic funding plan. This plan helps better assure continuity of services within year-to-year revenue fluctuations. Surplus revenues are held in the Long-Term Operating Reserve to help meet future operating expenses. In 2020, property values in the district are projected to increase, keeping the district on track with our 10-year financial plan. In addition, a minimum Capital Replacement Reserve has been designated for facility maintenance and improvement expenditures.

Tax revenues allow us to operate a good library and donor support help make it a great library. We’re thankful for the support of the Estes Valley Library Friends & Foundation. (Check out Cliffhanger Used Books) Their efforts result in providing almost 9% of the Library District’s total projected revenue for 2020 adding vital support for the library’s strategic goals:

  • Focus on Early Literacy
  • Enable Lifelong Learning
  • Enable a Greater Sense of Community
  • Deliver Materials on a Personalized Basis
  • Grow Internally to Succeed Externally 

The Estes Valley Library is literally at the center of Estes Park civic life. Library services will continue to evolve. The library will make every effort to address the changing needs of the community and to respect what still works. The library is a cornerstone of the community’s intellectual freedom and a great place to learn and meet. It is an honor to support and donate to the Estes Valley Library. Contact the Library or the Friends & Foundation for questions or to learn how you can contribute.