Twig Mini-Branch Closure:

The Twig will be closed May 20 – 24, while the Estes Valley Community Center is closed for maintenance.

Holiday Closure:

The Library will be closed on Monday, May 27 for Memorial Day.

The Library is pleased to host the work of artist Diane Watson during the month of May. Diane works in the unique media of egg tempura. The public is encouraged to visit the Library this month to see her works on both the first and second floor.

Diane Watson describes her work and inspiration this way: “To be an artist is to be a storyteller, to bear witness to the large and the small, and to use one’s voice to tell the story of life as we see it. I use the traditional media of egg tempura to tell my story because it allows for detailed drawing, and because it is not an easy medium, but is more environmentally friendly than other more familiar media. Egg tempura is an ideal medium for telling the story of smaller, more intimate viewpoints found in Nature. My goal is to encourage the viewer to focus in on less obvious details, to really look at the light and shadow, to see the narrative in juxtaposition of natural and manmade objects. Sometimes there is humor, sometimes I want you to see the force of water and rock, highlighted for a moment by changing light.”

Born in New Hampshire, Diane Watson attended Boston’s University College of Fine Arts and went on to graduate studies in the New Hampshire University system. She came to Colorado in 1979, living first in Boulder, then in Estes Park. The geology, wildlife, and ever-changing weather are an endless and always-fascinating source of subject matter. Marriage and children led to a 19-year stay in Denver, as well as painting throughout the Southwest, and teaching elementary-school art in Denver and Commerce City. Diane attended life-drawing classes at the Art Students League, and she completed a Master’s Degree in Visual Arts at the University of Denver, studying egg tempura with Deborah Howard.

The paintings of Diane Watson have been featured in shows in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Colorado. In 1985, honoring International Youth Year, she created a watercolor and calligraphy environmental piece that is on display at the United Nations building in New York. In 2007, a hand-painted and beaded mixed media work was featured in Quilting Arts magazine. In 2010, her work was part of a Master’s Degree show at the University of Denver. Diane has also exhibited paintings and mixed-media work at the Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park and mixed-media work in the annual Fiber Arts show.