Starting today, Jan. 24 at 10 AM, the Library is a location for Colorado’s free mask distribution program. Today’s quantities are very limited, but more masks are arriving soon. [ Reserve masks ]

To help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of Colorado is distributing free face masks. The Estes Valley Library is among more than 100 statewide locations to have received a supply. Read more about this Colorado program. Here are details on the local distribution:

How can I get masks at the Estes Valley Library?

Starting at 10 AM today, January 24, you can pick up a bag of masks, while supplies last. Each bag contains 2 KN95 masks and 3 surgical masks. Distribution is just for those who live within the greater Estes Valley.

Is there a limit?

To help provide masks to the most number of people as fairly as possible, there is a limit of one bag per person present.

What if I can’t make it to the Library today?

Due to very limited quantities, we will only be able to distribute masks to individuals who are present at the Library. However, there is good news: we have ordered additional quantities of masks, and you can sign up online for our Reserve Pick-Up List, starting Monday at 10 AM.

Can I pick up masks for my other family members and neighbors?

As noted above, due to limited quantities, we will only be able to distribute masks to individuals who are present at the Library. However, your other family members (or Estes Valley neighbors) may sign up online for the Reserve Pick-up List. We can help you sign them up that day, in person or by phone.

If I sign up for the Reserve List, what happens next?

You’ll receive an email that your request has been received. Next step: wait for a 2nd email announcing when your masks are ready for pick up. Then you can visit the Library at your earliest convenience, and a bag will await, reserved under your name. No Library Card check-out is required.

Will I need to provide identification today?

Distribution is intended for those who currently reside in the greater Estes Valley, but no identification is required.

What happens if the supply runs out today?

We’ll help you sign up for the waiting list, and you’ll be prioritized for the next shipment of masks. Surgical masks will likely be available for some time; our on-hand supply of KN95 masks is much more limited, but more will be arriving soon.

I am homebound. How can I get masks?

We’ll be happy to assist — and to arrange a safely-distanced delivery if needed. If you request online, simply indicate “I am homebound. Delivery needed” in the notes. Otherwise, just give us a call. Current clients of our House Calls book delivery program will receive masks automatically as part of that service.

Can I request to get masks by curbside pick-up?

Yes — if you’re reserving masks online, you can schedule a curbside pick-up AFTER you receive an email that your bag is ready and available.

Where are the other locations around the state of Colorado?

Here is a list. Be sure to check with each agency, as availability and distribution details vary from place to place.

Questions? Or need help signing up for the waiting list on or after Monday?

Give us a call at 970-586-8116.

Thank you for your interest in this program. Together, we can stay healthy and combat the spread of COVID-19 in our Estes Valley.