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Parking updates are in the works, based on feedback from Library patrons.

A message to Library patrons from the Town Parking & Transit Manager — November 11, 2019:

We heard you! Parking updates for Library patrons!

Earlier this summer, the Town resurfaced the parking lot that serves the and Town Hall buildings. As part of this work, some changes were made to the library reserved parking spaces (both number of spaces and how they were labeled), causing confusion and frustration for Library patrons. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – we heard you and are making changes! We have a solution that we hope makes it easier for you to access your Library:

Library Reserved: There will be seven (7) total spaces marked “Library Reserved”, located on the north side of the Library (scroll down to see the diagram). Five of those spaces will have no time limits; two of those spaces (opposite the concrete walkway) will be marked with a time-limit (e.g. 30-minute) for quicker trips. You told us that it can be challenging to access the smaller, horseshoe-shaped lot immediately in front of the Library entrance (especially during busy times), so we hope this move contributes to reduced parking lot congestion as well.

Staff Reserved: There will be four (4) spaces marked “Staff Reserved”. Those spaces will move west of the Library loading zone. Those spaces serve staff and volunteers from both the Library and Town who need access to vehicles as part of their daily work.

We anticipate that the work to transition into this new configuration will be completed in November, weather permitting.

Importantly, please know that nothing is set in stone. If the changes described above do not improve your parking and Library access experience during the busy summer months, please let us know by emailing