Find out which book the Estes Valley has chosen. Join the celebration today, November 8, 4:30 to 6:30 pm at Cliffhanger Used Books. Register to attend.

The One Book One Valley Tradition

Since 2011, our community has been coming together around books. It takes the form of an annual literary celebration called One Book One Valley, and it has led us on some amazing journeys.

Over the years, we have taken literary walks in the woods, re-lived the lawless Wild West, felt the threat of an epic wildfire, and imagined the fear and uncertainty of crossing the border as a migrant. Last year, we explored how to communicate in ways that restore trust through positive listening and dialogue.

Last May, we narrowed the selection down to four great titles, each with tremendous potential. The community cast their votes for the book to be featured this January.

Why January? You’ve told us January is a less busy month than the traditional October, making it easier for more residents to participate.

Suspense is in the air today, November 8, as we prepare to reveal the winning title at a special event at Cliffhanger Used Books. Hundreds of copies of the book will then be available for reading and sharing, thanks to generous support from the Library Friends & Foundation.

We love book clubs! And this is essentially one giant valley-wide book club—where everyone gets a book and everyone is invited to the discussion.

We welcome you to take part in this tremendous opportunity to celebrate literacy, storytelling and civic dialogue through the shared reading of a single title.