Explore the sights, culture and history of Uzbekistan through a 4-part online series, hosted by local globe-trekker Kathy Delker. Programs now available on the Library’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

The Library is hosting an online “Our Wonderful World” special series with Estes Park resident and global traveler Kathy Delker, exploring the Central Asian nation of Uzbekistan. It is a country with an extraordinary history and culture, featuring buildings with exceptional architectural patterns and cities with colorful bazaars filled with rare spices and unique arts.

The program series is premiering this week with nightly episodes that began Monday, June 22 at 7 pm. Viewers may watch the programs as they appear each evening, or watch the recordings later at any time on the Library’s YouTube channel.

Monday’s episode begins with Uzbekistan’s monumental colorfully-tiled buildings. Tuesday’s episode focuses on daily life of the people. Wednesday’s episode focuses on the famous Turco-Mongol leader Timur (1336-1405). The series concludes with a Thursday episode featuring demonstrations of outdoor bread-baking, the manufacture of silk ikat fabric, and the making of paper from mulberry trees.

The host for each episode is global traveler Kathy Delker. Kathy is a native of central Kansas who made her first trip overseas as a college student participating in a summer language institute in northern Germany. That experience inspired a passion for traveling, not only overseas but throughout the U.S. She spent most of her career working as a reference and research librarian in university libraries located in Tennessee, Ohio, Kansas City, and Wichita. Now retired, Kathy moved to Estes Park in July of 2019.

No registration is necessary to watch the series. Visit the Library’s Facebook or YouTube page to watch the programs. “Our Wonderful World” is a popular armchair-travel series hosted by the Library, now in its 13th season.