We hear you! In our 2022 Community Needs Assessment, you asked us to explore options for making visits to the Library easier via solutions for parking, seasonal crowds, and downtown traffic.

Now introducing: Park Like a Local. This new initiative focuses on savvy, locals-only tips to improve your access to the public library. 

Local Permit

We’re streamlining the process of acquiring a Local Permit for those who reside within the R3 School District boundaries. Simply share a few quick details with our staff and we’ll take care of signing you up to receive two hours of free parking daily, in any of the Town’s paid parking spots. 

How it works:

  1. Library cardholders living within the Park R3 School District add a license plate to their library account. That’s it!
  2. The Library automatically submits your name, verified local address, and license plate to the Town of Estes Park.
  3. Within 72 hours, your license plate is added to the Town’s parking database and you can park for up to two hours per day, in any regular space, in any paid lot, for free.
    No physical pass needed– your plate will be scanned automatically by the Town’s parking ambassador cars. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I sign up?
You can provide your information for a Local Permit with us at any time, either when signing up for your library card, during your next visit to the downtown branch, while renewing your card, or by calling us at 970-586-8116.

I’m visiting Estes Park. Can I get a Local Permit if I sign up a library card?
While the Library offers a variety of Library cards to four types of account holders, including visitors, only residents of our local school district (Park R3 School District) are eligible for the Local Permit. If you are visiting and need more information about paid parking, please visit the Town of Estes Park’s website.

How will I know if I’m signed up?
No news is good news! You will not receive a confirmation email; however, if you experience any issues, call the Town at 970-591-2577, the Library at 970-586-8116, email answers@estesvalleylibrary.org, or email epinfo@thecarpark.com. We’re here to help!

How do I renew?
The Library will attempt to renew your Local Permit for each parking season and will contact you if we need more information.

Can I sign up more than one car?
Each patron is permitted one Local Permit that must be assigned to one car. If you have additional vehicles, other members of your household may sign up using their library cards.

Is this the only way to get a Local Permit?
You can still sign up for a Local Permit on the Town of Estes Park’s website.

I still don’t want to drive downtown. What other options do I have?
Remember that you can still park for free with no time limits at the parking garage, utilizing the Riverwalk or the free downtown trolley to access the Library. And don’t forget that you can borrow items online and we’ll deliver them to the Twig on the lower level of the Rec Center. Finally, stay tuned: soon, we’ll be sharing more information about offsite and off-peak programs.