While the Library Building is temporarily closed to the public for COVID-19 precautions, limited on-site staffing begins this week. With health and safety as our priority, we’ll transition toward a phased return of services.

Library Services adapt to Safer-at-Home Times
by Claudine Perrault, Library Directo
As Colorado begins the transition from stay-at-home to safer-at-home living, the Library has been carefully planning its transition toward the phased return of appropriate staffing and services in its physical building. Last week, the Library’s Board of Trustees approved what we call the Phase Two Plan: a step-by-step guide for the weeks ahead. Here are some key highlights of that plan:

Health and safety of the public and staff remain the foremost priority. Larimer County’s libraries are all working together, and our steps toward re-opening are being informed by the County’s health professionals. Everything we do will be in alignment with State and County regulations, which may continue to shift on a day-to-day basis.

Library staff members will continue working mostly from home, as they have been since the closure. Staff members doing essential on-site work will practice safety, including frequent hand-washing, sanitizing, physical distancing, and wearing masks and gloves.

Good news to report: we have secured all the necessary supplies for full and proper cleaning and safety protocols. This was one of the essential items on our checklist.

Claudine Perrault, Library Director

As of this week, patrons are once again able to return Library materials through the Elkhorn Avenue bookdrops. Thanks to all of you who’ve been saving your materials: you’ve done a great job! Click here for fuller details on the returns process. Dues dates still remain suspended, and we’re fine free!

There is no hurry to return materials: in fact, you can help by returning items in a gradual way. If you can’t make it out safely–don’t worry. It’s OK to keep your items and stay home.

As we begin to receive returned materials, they’ll be quarantined inside the building for six days before they safely return to the shelves. This is twice the number of days that the data tells us is required to enable the materials to be COVID-19-free.

We know many of you are eager to borrow books, movies, kits and music again, and we’re eager to get them to you. To start, this will take the form of curbside pick-up: you call us ahead, we arrange a pick-up time, and safely pass the materials to you. Just like the pharmacy pick-ups and the take-out food of recent weeks. We will share an announcement with details this Friday.

For now, stay tuned to the Library’s website, emails, and Facebook for more updates. Continue to enjoy the Library’s streaming and recorded programs, digital books, audiobooks, downloadable movies, and magazines. These services have proven popular. Together, we’ll continue to stay safe, looking out for one another, sharing kindness and culture in ways that connect and sustain us.