A scientific research study recently released by the Battelle Institute tested common Library materials and found that the COVID-19 virus was “not detectable on the materials after three days of quarantine.”

Click Here to read the Phase 1 Report (June 22, 2020).

Click Here to read the Phase 2 Report (July 20, 2020).

Based on this data, the Estes Valley Library is quarantining all returned Library materials for three days after they are returned. Your safety is our foremost priority.

Note: you may find items you’ve returned on your Library account for those three days of quarantine time. Don’t worry. We’ll check them in right after quarantine.

Here are some additional FAQs about library materials:

Should I disinfect items before returning them?

No need to do so. Research shows that time (quarantine) is the most effective disinfectant for library materials.

If I’ve been sick, should I keep my items?

Yes, please. Keep them until 3 days after your last symptoms. There are no late fines.

Are librarians practicing health and safety protocols?

Absolutely! Your health is our foremost priority. Masks, gloves, sanitizing, and social distancing are integrated into all on-site work practices.