Thank you for keeping your Library materials during these recent weeks. We’re now receiving Library returns in one centralized location: use the convenient drive-through non-touch bookdrops in front of the Library along Elkhorn Avenue.

All returned items should be dropped off in these drive-up book drops in front of the Library on Elkhorn Avenue.

Where should I return my items?

Please use the drive-through book drops in front of the Library along Elkhorn Avenue for all returns. This is the one location for all returned items. No touch is involved!

Will other bookdrops be open?

The book returns on the north side of the Library building will remain closed, as will the bookdrops at the Estes Valley Community Center. For now, having only the Elkhorn Avenue bookdrops open will allow us to implement all necessary safety protocols.

What if I don’t have a way to get to the Library right now?

Not to worry! Due dates remain suspended, and we are fine free.

What if I have a kit (Library of Things) or Discovery Pack (toy) checked out?

Contact us at (970) 586-8116 to schedule a time in coordination with our curbside pick-up service.

What happens to the materials after they’re returned?

All returns will be safely quarantined inside the Library for 6 full days before they go back on the shelves. This is twice the amount of time recommended to assure items are COVID-19-free. Staff will wear gloves and masks when handling all materials.

I’ve returned materials, but I still seem them on my account. What’s up?

Due to the 6-day quarantine, materials will stay on your account for that full period, but don’t worry. They’ll get checked in after that isolation period.

If I’ve been ill, should I avoid returning my materials?

Yes — we request you keep materials until at least three days after any symptoms pass.

When will I be able to borrow materials from the Library again?

Curbside pick-up service has begun. Click here for details. You can also continue to enjoy our robust Digital Collections, available with your Library Card 24/7.

What if I have books, DVDs or other materials to donate?

Please continue to save book donations for now. Cliffhanger Used Books has just re-opened, and there will be an announcement soon when they’re ready to take donations again.

Thank you, Estes Valley! Contact us at (970) 586-8116 or by email at if you have any other questions.