We love our local book clubs! We hope these frequently asked questions  offer a helpful overview of the many services we provide:

When choosing a title, where’s a good place to start?

We recommend checking the Library’s collection of Book Club Bag Titles. These are books that have proven popular for discussion, and they’re conveniently ready-packed with 12 copies. If you find a Book Club Bag Title you’d like to reserve for a specific time, let us know 3-6 months in advance.

If I don’t find it available as a Book Club Bag, what’s next?

Next, try checking the Colorado Virtual Library’s Book Club Bag Titles. These titles are readily available from our partners at the Colorado State Library. If not available there, we’ll round up copies through Interlibrary Loan.

How soon should we alert you to future titles our club is reading?

For best results, alert us at least 3 months in advance.

Are there titles that are difficult to acquire?

It’s best to avoid current bestsellers, as these will likely be checked out at most Colorado library locations, and therefore unavailable through Interlibrary Loan.

Is it helpful to visit with you when we’re in the planning stages?

Yes. If you are able to be flexible with titles and dates and provide multiple choices, we can help assure the best results.

What’s the process when you choose to create a Book Club in a Bag?

If we find that several clubs are reading the same title, we’ll explore creating a bag. Titles must be available in paperback, as titles only in hardback are difficult to package.

What if I want a large print copy—or an audiobook format?

If the title is available in these formats, we’re happy to acquire them for you.

Are digital formats available?

Yes. We can schedule a Book-A-Librarian appointment at your convenience. Let us know your interest, and we can determine how best to work with your group.

Can you meet with our club representative one-on-one?

We would welcome the opportunity. We can go over all of these processes, answer your questions, and explore how best we can serve your needs.  Please contact bookclubs@estesvalleylibrary.org

Can our club meet at the Library?

We’d love to see you at the Library. We welcome book clubs to use any of our three public meeting spaces. Scheduling for the coming year begins in early November.