Growing Readers: Books into the homes of Estes Valley babies, toddlers and preschoolers

• 100 Free Books to every 4 year old in the Estes Valley. Do you have a preschooler getting ready to enter Kindergarten in Estes Park? You can sign up for a free program from Unite For Literacy and have 4 kid-friendly picture books mailed to your child each week–and soon have a home library of 100 books! Mailing begin in May for 25 weeks. Bring delight to a child, while nurturing a daily habit of reading. Check back in February 2023 to sign up.

• Pick up a monthly Storybook Explorer Kit here. Storybook explorers are picture books paired with activities, crafts and games to help make learning meaningful and fun.

• Spanish/English Bilingual Baby Board Books– Pick up your book in the children’s room while supplies last. Titles change once a month.

• Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library — Once a month a quality book is mailed to your home. For children 0 until age 5 that reside in the Estes Valley. Register here.


For Regular Storytimes, Baby Storytimes, Pajama Storytimes and all others, See the Storytime Calendar.

What is storytime? The purpose of storytime is to help lay the groundwork for language development in a young child’s rapidly growing brain while helping develop an enjoyment of books and reading. Parents are encouraged to actively participate with their children.

Welcome New Baby

Parents of babies under one year may come to the Service Desk and receive a Baby Book Bag that includes a board book, rhymes and fingerplays booklet, original lullaby CD by Nancy Bell (local Music Therapist), and early literacy resources all in a handmade book bag. Choose English or Spanish.

Storybook Trail at Stanley Park

Combining reading with movement and exercise.

Kindergarten Ready

You are your child’s first teacher. There isn’t a single pathway to school readiness outside of parent involvement. We’re here to help!

  1. Weekly storytimes are a fun interactive way to teach children Ready for Kindergarten skills such as words, songs and vocabulary. 
  2. Storybook Explorer Kits are offered monthly. Kits include a book and a learning activity inspired by the story.
  3. 4 year old’s living in the Estes Valley, Register for 100 books to come straight to your mailbox. Check back in February 2023 to sign up.
  4. Make monthly visits to the library to check out books part of your family’s routine. The daily habit of reading aloud is the single most important activity to help your child succeed in school and life.
  5. Dolly Parton Imagination Library — Once a month a quality book is mailed to your home. For children 0 until age 5 that reside in the Estes Valley. Register here.

Ready for Kindergarten 4 Skills:

  1. LETTER RECOGNITION: Know UPPER and lower case letters
  2. BEGINNING LETTER SOUNDS: Match a letter with the first sound in a word…B is for bat
  3. RHYMING: Create words with l ike ending sounds…cat and hat
  4. VOCABULARY: Know lots of words = understanding what you read

Ready for Kindergarten Tool Kit:

Colorado’s Reading Tips for Parents
How to Register for Kindergarten
Be Ready for Kindergarten Checklist
Khan Academy Kids Reading App
Educational Apps
Early Readers: Unite for Literacy ebooks | Guía para familias lectoras: lecturas para niños de primaria.

Parents, you’ve got this!

Simple activities like reading aloud and visiting your library will prepare your child for school and life.

Reading aloud to your child for 15 minutes a day feeds the brain with lifetime benefits.

Regular visits to the library and choosing books to take home helps develop a love of books and reading.

Help spread the message of the importance of early literacy. Read the Full Message from Early Literacy Librarian Melanie Kozlowski.

In the Estes Valley, we want our kids to meet their highest potential. However in recent years, many Estes Valley children arrived at school below or well below benchmarks of school readiness. With simple family activities, that number can be dialed up so that ALL of our kids arrive to school ready to learn. Let’s grow readers!

A child who engages in early literacy activities at home is a strong candidate for later success in learning.

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