Launchpads for Kids


The library’s Launchpads are geared to children 5 through 10 years old.  Launchpads are pre-loaded, high quality, ad-free learning tablets that are rugged and secure.  Each launchpad has a 7″ high-definition touch screen, a speaker, and comes with a power adapter and charging cord.  Launchpads are theme driven with applications that range from language arts to math and science.  Each Launchpad offers 10 or more pre-loaded applications.  There is no internet access from a Launchpad.  Check out a Launchpad today!

  1. To check out a Launchpad the library member must be an adult library district card holder.
  2. A user responsibility form must be filled out the first time a Launchpad is borrowed by a member.
  3. One Launchpad per child may be checked out at one time.
  4. Launchpad will be checked out for one week.
  5. Return the Launchpad directly to the Main Service Desk before checking out another one.
  6. Launchpads are available in the Children’s Room
  7. Check Launchpads out at the Main Service Desk.
  8. Please check to insure that Launchpad boxes are returned with the device, power cord and power block.  Unresolved missing pieces will result in charges on the member’s library account and the suspension of lending privileges until charges are paid.
  9. The cost of broken components beyond normal wear and tear will be the responsibility of the member.