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Library of Things: Tools

Book cover: Battery tester
Test 12 common battery types including AAA/AA/C/D, 9V, and button cells. Contents: DIYFull Battery Tester, carry case, kit tag.
Book cover: Radon detector
A simple, battery-powered, digital radon detector with an easy-to-read screen. Contents: Airthings Corentium Home 223 portable radon detector, carry case, manual, kit tag, extra AAA batteries (refill)
Book cover: Moisture Meter
Use this pin-type moisture meter to test the water content of firewood and lumber and find leaks under flooring and behind walls. Contents: General Tools MMD4E pin-type LCD moisture meter laminated manuals in English and Spanish – padded case -- kit tag – extra 9V battery (refill)
Book cover: Air Leak Finder
Monitor your home's energy efficiency by finding areas that let heat out and cold air in. Contents: Insulate and weatherize for energy efficiency at home (book) -- Black+Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector -- carrying case -- kit tag
Book cover: OBDII Car Code Scanner
Use this automotive fault code scanner to diagnose Check Engine lights and other car problems. Contents: Motopower Automobile OBD Diagnostic Instrument, carry case, manual, kit tag
Book cover: Household Tools
A mixed set of common tools for DIY projects and repairs around the house. Contents: Craftsman 57-piece tool set in molded carry case – 16 oz. fiberglass hammer – ¼” drive ratchet wrench – 11 SAE sockets – 6” slip joint pliers – snap-off utility knife – 12’ tape measure – 1 Phillips screwdriver – 1 slotted screwdriver – 1 spinner handle – ¼” spinner handle bit adapter and 21 bits – 8 metric hex keys – 8 SAE hex keys – kit tag
Book cover: Jewelry Cleaner
Ultrasonic cleaner cleans jewelry and other small items like eyeglasses with plain water and ultrasonic pulses. Contents: Magnasonic MGUC500 Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with removable basket – laminated quick start guide – carry case – kit tag
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