What’s on the Library Second Floor? Estes Valley Library What’s on the Library Second Floor?   |   print this page  

The second floor is open the regular hours of the library, closing daily at 15 minutes before the first floor closes.


Learn more about the Makerspace

Study Rooms, Meeting Room, and Quiet Room

Learn about our second floor spaces for patrons

Public Computers

The Library has 8 public iMac computers available on the second floor. These computers have Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers, Microsoft Office, and photo editing software and are directly connected to our 1GB fiber internet. Printing is available.

  • Five 50-minute sit-down computers. Time on these computers will automatically extend if no other patrons are waiting.
  • Two 20-minute stand-up computers
  • One 120-minute station for viewing microfilm, digitizing 35MM slides, and scanning snapshots. Learn more about the Microfilm, Slides, & Photo Station.

Reserve your computer in advance: The sit-down Computer Commons computers and the Research Station can be reserved online up to 7 days in advance. Reserve now at computers.estesvalleylibrary.org/easybooking

Print, Copy & Scan

Public computer printing
The library offers black & white printing from our public computers. Prints are 0.10/page and we accept both cash and credit/debit cards

Mobile Print
Send a print job from your own device, then pick up and pay on the Library second floor. Details at estesvalleylibrary.org/print

Copy & Scan
The Library copier is also on the second floor. Copies are 0.10/page (cash only at this time) and scan-to-email is free. (We also have a specialized scanner for preserving snapshots. Learn more about the Research Station)


The library offers a free, open 350MB wireless connection suitable for streaming media and video chats. WiFi coverage extends outside the building to our parking lot (with the strongest signal directly north of the building) and to the seating around the building’s perimeter although speeds can be slower when farther from the building.

Users may connect to the Estes Valley Library WiFi wireless network 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There is no password required. Patrons connecting to the WiFi will be asked to acknowledge a Library internet policy popup before continuing to the Internet. WiFi users on their personal devices can send their print jobs to the Library using Mobile Print (estesvalleylibrary.org/print)

Security Warning: Library patrons are warned that both wireless and library computer users are accessing an unsecured public network. Unencrypted data is vulnerable to access by others. Guard your confidential information by not working with material that is confidential on any public network.