1. From the Spaces website, click Login in the upper right corner and enter your Estes Valley Library card number and PIN. If you don’t know your PIN, call 970-586-8116 to speak with a librarian.
  2. If you are requesting space on behalf of an organization e.g. Estes Valley Quilt Guild, you must first associate your Spaces account with your organization*:
    • My Account
    • Organizations, Edit
    • Select Organization
    • Request to Join
    • Don’t see your organization listed? Call 970-586-8116 and we’ll add it to the list
    • Your organization(s) will be available to choose when you request reservations in the future
  3. Enter the desired date, start time and end time for your reservation.
  4. Items available for reservation are listed. Green bars mean the space is available. Modify times and date as needed to achieve availability. If you would like to see a key to the colors that are used to show availability and lack of availability, click here.
  5. Click the Pick Me! button.
  6. Briefly describe the purpose of your meeting
  7. Click the dropdown “Choose Organization”
    • If you are not requesting space on behalf of an organization, choose “No Organization.”
  8. Read the Terms and Conditions
  9. Enter approximate # attendees
  10. Submit Request

*If you do not associate your Spaces account with your organization, your meeting will not display properly on the public calendar. Individuals may choose no organization.

You’ll receive email confirmation when your request was received, and again when your request was approved.

Need assistance?
Contact us at 970-586-8116 or answers@estesvalleylibrary.org