In 2014, the Estes Valley Library trained our entire staff of 24 people in tech skills with the goal of increasing our technical literacy before offering tech classes to the public. In 2015 and beyond, training for staff continued with all new staff completing tech training and current staff maintaining their skills with an annual tech scavenger hunt. These trainings were completed over six-month periods and our formal process included small group trainings, self-directed learning, practice time, and a mid-term and final assessment to evaluate learning.

We welcome you to take a look at our documents and adapt them for use at your library.

Tech Competencies Skill List   |   Self Evaluation of Tech Skills   |   Tech Mid-Term   |   Tech Final Assessment   |   Tech Scavenger Hunt Tasks    |   Tech Scavenger Hunt Intro Talk   |   Handouts of Tech Classes for the Public

We also have to share: slides from a presentation given at the 2015 Colorado Association of Libraries Conference on our staff training process, the link to watch a Tech Soup Webinar titled “Technology Skills for Library Staff” given on 1/27/16, and a Colorado Virtual Library blog article published on 8/30/16 about our Tech Literacy program.

If you have any questions, please contact our Tech Guide, Diana Laughlin, at