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What to Pick Up Before Your Appointment

For Your Intake/First Appointment: Pick up your intake packet at the Library front desk or welcome desk in advance, if possible. Fill out everything you can and bring it to your appointment with the items listed below.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Bring the following items to your Intake/First Appointment::

  1. All tax forms, preferably legible copies (copier available at library)
  2. Completed intake packet (Form 13614-C) with signed consents as desired
  3. Signed (both if joint return) Taxpayer Consent Form 14446
  4. Photo ID- Driver’s license or state ID preferred
  5. Social Security verification for everyone on return
  6. Last year’s (or most recent) tax return (if at all possible)
  7. Identity PIN (IPPN) issued by IRS (if applicable)
  8. Bank account information (Voided Check) if any refunds are expected (voided check best, deposit slip only if savings account)
  9. Power of Attorney for someone not able to come to the library

For Your Followup/Second Appointment: Be sure to bring your photo ID. If filing a joint return, both parties should attend this appointment so they can sign.

What to Know

Below is the procedure for how the AARP Tax Assist Program will operate during COVID-19.

  1. The AARP Tax assistance program may cease without notice if the Estes Valley Library goes to COVID-19 level Red.
  2. Sessions will be held on the first floor of the library. Tax volunteers are permitted to assist one patron (or couple if filing jointly) at a time; one patron/couple is allowed in the waiting area at a time; one patron/couple will be assisted in the filing area at a time
  3. Patrons should pick up their intake form prior to their appointment day
  4. Tax volunteers are required to assist patrons over two appointments, an initial Intake appointment then a followup appointment. Patrons are responsible booking their initial Intake appointment. Tax volunteers will book the followup appointment.
  5. Tax volunteers will file returns from a remote location rather than from the library.

Need to cancel your appointment or reschedule?

Contact the library at 970-586-8116 or email for help cancelling and rescheduling appointments.