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COVID-19 Notice from the AARP Foundation

AARP requires all individuals, both volunteers and taxpayer clients, acknowledge that they have no symptoms and have not been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive within the last 10 days prior to their appointment.

Make an Appointment and Prepare

  • Taxpayers must make an appointment either in person or by calling the library at 970-586-8116 or making your own appointment on the Library’s website. Make only one appointment! Cancel and reschedule if necessary by calling the Library.
  • Patrons should pick up an Intake Packet at the Library front desk and complete the intake forms as best as possible prior to their appointment.

What to Expect at the Appointment

  • Tax returns will be completed during an in-person meeting in the Library’s 2nd-floor Wasson Room.
  • Taxpayers will be greeted outside the Wasson Room and a volunteer will check to see that all intake and tax documents are complete, and ensure that taxpayers acknowledge the Covid-19 protocol before their appointment.
  • Taxpayers must remain with their personal documents in the Wasson Room during the entire process which includes an interview and preparation of the return, followed by a thorough review by a second tax counselor.
  • Upon successful completion of the process, the federal and state returns will be printed and the taxpayer(s) will sign forms giving permission to electronically file the returns. If a joint return, both spouses must be present.
  • After all required forms are signed, the returns will be electronically submitted and the taxpayers will be given an envelope containing all of their documents and copies of tax returns for their record.
  • If any payments are due, vouchers and mailing envelopes will be provided.
  • Taxpayers will not be contacted further unless a return is rejected for any reason.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  1. Completed intake packet, Form 13614-C, with signed consents as desired
  2. Photo ID – Driver’s license or state ID preferred for each taxpayer (and spouse)
  3. Social Security number or ITIN verification for everyone on return
  4. All tax forms, preferably legible copies, for example:
    1. W-2 issued from employers
    2. Any 1099 forms:
  • 1099-Int and 1099-Div for bank and investment income
  • 1099-R for retirement income
  • 1099-SSA for social security income
  • 1099-B for investment sales
  • 1099-S for home sale
  • 1099-NEC for self-employment income
  • 1099-Misc for other income
  • 1099-K for third party payments
  • 1099-LTC for long term care expenses
  • 1098-T for higher education scholarship & costs
  1. Itemized deductions are rare but if you think you might qualify, bring summaries of out-of-pocket medical expenses including vehicle mileage and long-term care insurance premiums, car registrations, property taxes and mortgage interest paid Form 1098), and charitable contributions including vehicle mileage. If a car has been purchased, bring the sales document.
  2. Even if not itemizing, bring a long-term care insurance premium statement, your property tax statement, and your summary of charitable contributions if greater than $500 to receive a Colorado tax benefits. 
  3. If self-employed, bring a list of business-related expenses plus vehicle mileage data related to your business.
  4. 2021 (or most recent) tax return if available
  5. Any letters from the IRS (stimulus payments and/or Advanced Child Tax Credit received if filing 2020 or 2021 returns)
  6. Identity PIN (IPPN) issued by IRS (if applicable)
  7. Bank account information if any refunds are expected or you want to pay by direct debit (voided check best, deposit slip only if savings account)
  8. Power of Attorney for someone not able to come to the library

Need to cancel your appointment or reschedule?

Contact the library at 970-586-8116 or email for help cancelling and rescheduling appointments.