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by Peggy Moore, Patron Services Supervisor

Last spring, we said, “Please save your library materials until further notice.” We thank the Estes Valley for doing just that, until those days of stay-at-home orders had passed. Now we’re ready and eager to receive those items you’ve been holding in safe keeping.

Maybe there are books and movies you checked out in March, stocking up before the Library entered its temporary closure. Now is the perfect time to gather those up for us: think of it as “spring cleaning” in July.

And — your “spring cleaning” just might bring a smile to someone who’s been on the Wait List for one of those books or movies. Those items will be available to share again—safely, of course.

To give us a fresh starting place, all items borrowed last spring are due August 1.

Our Library remains fine-free, so there are no daily fines to worry about—not now, nor any time of year. However, we do charge the full replacement cost for any items that are lost or damaged.

If you have questions about your Library account, don’t hesitate to contact us—we’re answering phones and emails 7 days a week.

Where to return those items? There are two great options.

You can return items inside the Library building during our current open hours, which are Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. From there, with the wearing of a face covering and application of hand sanitizer, you can enjoy browsing the stacks and borrowing new items.

Or—you can return items anytime day or night from your vehicle using the drive-through no-touch book returns located in front of the Library. No need to find a parking space—and in just seconds, you’re on your way.

Note that the book returns at the Estes Valley Community Center remain closed until further notice.

So what happens to library books after they’re returned? We quarantine them for three full days. That’s the best method to make certain materials are virus-free before they return to the shelves.

The most recent and reliable study just released by the Battelle Institute tested common Library materials (books, paper, plastic covers) and found that the Covid-19 virus was “not detectable on the materials after three days of quarantine.” You may click here for more information and a link to the complete study.

After you’ve returned library materials, don’t worry if you find them listed on your online account for several days after. They’ll get checked in once the quarantine time is complete.

All of these procedures are guided by our top priority: your safety—and ours.

We are grateful to everyone in the Estes Valley during this time of our phased re-opening. We look forward to your return to the Library—and your Library returns.