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Turn a Reading Rut into a Reading Groove

by Diana Laughlin, Program Services Supervisor

Are you in a reading rut? Do you ever say, “I miss reading, but I just can’t find the time”? This summer, we’ve got the perfect plan to get you out of that rut and into a happy groove.

“Libraries Rock!” is the theme for this year’s Summer Reading Program. And we want to emphasize that summer reading is for all ages. There’s an exciting roster of special events and reading incentives to get us all tapping a new tune.

For adults, summer reading is an excellent opportunity to rediscover the joys of reading (and listening to books) for pleasure. In this world of wonders, our hunger to learn can continue as we grow older. Libraries are a resource for our whole lifetime.

And for kids, summertime reading benefits are immense. Kids who read over summer avoid the dreaded “summer slide”. They are primed and ready to learn on Day One when school resumes.

The Summer Reading Program begins Thursday, May 24. With our handy reading log, kids keep track of reading hours, while adults and teens complete reading challenges, earning great incentives (prizes) all along the way.

Adults who complete their logs will be entered in a drawing for awesome grand prizes: two complimentary tickets to a premiere Town event of your choosing—like the Jazz Fest, the Rooftop Rodeo, the Whiskey Warm-Up, or the Mountain Music Festival.

The “Libraries Rock” theme is energizing this year’s programs with a music focus. At first glance, you might wonder, what’s the connection between reading and music? It turns out, they are intertwined more than we might imagine.

Music and reading both stimulate our creativity. They both elevate our mood. They improve our thinking and problem-solving skills. They both help us develop and retain memory and language skills.

Scientists have posited that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. Clearly, there are some remarkable reasons to unite music with our Summer Reading Program goals.

If that weren’t enough, reading and music combine to deliver that most important of American goals: the pursuit of happiness.

Aligning with the Library’s Makerspace goals—to deliver more of the hands-on learning programs you’ve asked us for—our roster of summer events is robust. Among our first programs is a Beginning Ukulele class on Wednesday, June 6 at 9:30 a.m.: click here to register.

We’re adding instruments to our Discovery Kits: 5 ukuleles, a Pat Bell kit, and a Tibetan singing bowl kit will be available for check-out June 1.

Everything builds toward maker-themed events in July, when you can design your own instrument from recycled materials. Then we’ll gather for our signature event—an All-Ages Music Jam on July 31.

Look for the full summer schedule arriving in your mailbox in just two weeks, with the Summer 2018 edition of our program and services guide, “Gatherings”.

Thank you, Library Friends & Foundation, for making all this possible. See you at the Library, where we’ll be jammin’ all summer long.